Local listing and citation services

Does your business need local listings and citations? Are you a web developer who would like to provide these services to your clients?

Whether you’re a web developer looking to scale your business by offering more to your customers or a business owner who is needing help managing their local listings and citations, this video is for you.


So one of the things we would like to talk to you about Tricia is scalable listing businesses. If you feel comfortable talking about how providing services like that, say that again scaling scale how he was a business owner, provide scalable citations, Citations that specifically. So for citations I went up, I want to go on. I want to guard this statement because I’m asking you to tell Tim how to run his business off yours and that might not be something I’m not that’s okay. So totally putting you on the spot and I’m going out I don’t like talking about this part of it. So for we’re talking specifically about citations that I have found harder to scale. Because each business is different. As far as what they have, and each citation is this is different. So you can actually go on my website. I’ll put it in the chat, your Biz, Watchdog that farm and I have a list. There’s a section on services for citations. You can look how I have it set up and basically I’d say in, I don’t do you want me to share my screen because I have to remember This like how many I offer were set price because I get that. Let me see that way. I can talk a little bit more. I’m sure I’ve looked at this before. I think You shared yes Melanie. Yeah, yeah, okay. So okay. So here’s the. So I do, I do I what I call a citation on it and clean up and so I basically look at what they have and then I say, well, how bad is it? Because some of them are okay, and others are a hot mess. So, before I don’t just say, I typically am like, you know, I’ll do n. My first group, I haven’t Thing, do you want me to share David or soon? If you feel comfortable with it, go ahead. So okay. Can you see my screen again? Yeah, okay. So that’s so what I do is like it’s a what I tell one time cost and I say update or add 25 citations. So what what I do is I say, okay for this one amount is 25 times citations, if you have a hot mess, And we need to look at more, then we’ll I’ll look over what your citations look like and then give you a price based on that. Because a lot of the citations are not things, they’re harder to do, especially ones. Like if you’re doing a business, it’s just starting out. That’s ideal. You can, oh yeah, we’ll go in and do it. But if you’ve had a business that’s been in business for years or they change something, maybe they’ve moved. Maybe they’ve done something else. It’s hard to say okay, you know, this is going to cover everything because it probably won’t. So and that’s how I kind of dress it. I’m like, okay, so you can sign up for this and you’ll get up to 25. You know, when I do the audit it, I’ll tell you before I start really doing stuff, you know, is that going to be good for you most of the smaller businesses? I do are fine. And this is really for, you know, small local businesses really with one Location. And then what I also do is the aggregator submission. And so that is, you know, the the and they’ve changed it because it used to be for data aggregators in the US and now it’s three one bought out another one. And so I submit it there and what I tell them is there’s no contracts and this is just how I do it. So there’s no contract. However, Were it’s recommended that they re do this once a year because the aggregators demon stale information but I don’t for citations. I don’t require any contracts as far as actually doing the cleanup and audit and cleanup. That’s hard to really scale it for that. Part of it. It is. It always takes. Longer than I think it’s going to take and and part of it too. Is a lot of these citation businesses. It you know it’s like okay now that you’ve you need to verify with the phone call or a text, and it has to be the businesses thing so they have to answer to. You could afford me so yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Does that help that it does? Yeah. It’s very insightful because I’m sitting here trying to think of how I turn this into a monthly service, right? Or quarterly whatever it is. And then you know, continue to give them more citations over course of time. But yeah, so here’s the thing. I had actually thought that was something I thought of probably a year or two ago and it’s something I decided not to do simply because with the way citations have gone over I’m I feel like in SEO. They’re they’re less as important I guess. Have less weight. And so if you know nowadays doing that to me, I didn’t think was going to give my clients. What? Maybe what they expected it to give them. That’s why I did not go with that model because I was actually thinking that same thing. Okay. You’ll start with like say 15 and then the next you’ll get five a month added on. And now what I always include, I have different things that I always Glued in this like there’s like the different categories that I like this. I don’t think I have it on here. There’s like the the big ones the Google the Bing Facebook Yelp maybe yahoo. There’s a like the big guys so there’s the big guys and then you’ve got the Better Business Bureau then you’ve got your Niche and site a niche ones, you know your specific industry and local and then the aggregators So um, so those are kind of make sure that they have everything exactly correct on the big ones.

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