Is Manually Sharing Your Blog Post on Social Media Helpful to SEO?

Everyone shares their blog posts on social media, but does it help your SEO efforts?

Video Transcript:

David: All right. Well, Shelley Green contacted me on Twitter with a very interesting question, and I promised I would get to a little bit more in-depth answer than the answer, which was no. But the longer answer to Shelley’s important question is, does Google add more weight or value to manual posts? Or does it consider manual and automated posting the same? For example, is it best to manually share my blog posts on social media or use the automated feature in WordPress? So, I think what Shelley is getting at here is, does Google care if you use an automated tool to send your posts to a social media campaign? So the answer I gave her on Twitter was no, Google doesn’t care because Google doesn’t consider your social media post.

Tricia: Exactly. Because Google doesn’t look at your social media posts.

David: I’m glad you’re asking, Shelley, because, like so many people who sell social media will make claims about the fact that your social media is part of your SEO. It’s not. Google does not consider it. In fact, even if Google could read your Facebook page, which it can’t typically, for technology alone. Google considers Facebook, a competitor, so they’re not going to use that to give you credit. But even if it didn’t, there are other things built into Facebook that no-follow the links, so Facebook’s telling Google don’t even consider this a valuable link. So, the short answer is, go ahead and do whatever makes it easy to share your post on social media because Google doesn’t care. Now, in our Twitter conversation, I’m glad she understood what I was saying. That does not mean you shouldn’t share your stuff on social media. I think sharing stuff on social media is very helpful. In fact, I wrote a process in Curious Ants, and it’s about after you write a blog post to be sure and share it on social media. Because why not? It’s very valuable. You’ve written a great blog post. Get it out there. Right? Get in front of people, and if it’s easy to share it on a social platform with an automated system, great. That just gives you more eyeballs on it. It won’t affect your SEO. Google won’t care. But the people who see it, who follow your social network, will. Now we might also say that sometimes if we’re going to talk about social media marketing, Facebook or Twitter, or others might tend to suppress automated posted content. They do prefer manually posted content, so it might have a harder time showing up to your Facebook followers if you use an automated system than if you post it manually. But then you have to make a kind of diminishing returns argument to say, well, is it really worth all the extra effort to make post it manually? Or should I just use an automated system? Frankly, I use an automated system. Yeah. I think you do, too. Tricia.

Tricia: I definitely do, yes. I don’t have time to go in and do all of it by hand.

David: Yeah. So, don’t hesitate to use the automated systems, Shelley. Please use them. And don’t worry about Google. Google will look at your blog post and say, hey, this is new and unique and interesting, and Google will send the search engine to find it so that you’ll get that benefit. But you get additional benefits by sharing it on your social network. So, I hope it answers your question. Jelly. Good question. Thank you for asking.

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