Is It Possible to Remove Reports from Google Analytics?

Are you trying to remove Google Analytics’ weekly analytics reports? Here’s what you need to do to remove them.

Automated Transcript:

What other things would you like to talk about today, everybody? Okay, well, if nobody else has a question of, I have another one, you know? The report that we set up for every week, right? So I went in, I saw what you said, we can extend it, but I made some changes and I end up making a new one but up under admin where it gives us the option to extend or remove all. We are allowed to remove things from there because I remember way back when you said don’t remove a report, but I didn’t know if that was in the Location. So you’re absolutely allowed to add and remove whatever you want. And the way to do it is from the admin section, like described described what I was trying to warn you is that within each emailed report from Google Analytics. if you click the link in the email saying I no longer want to get this report, Oh, Google analytics will no longer send any reports to your email address. Oh okay. And so you will you won’t be able to say, okay, I would like to start sending it again. And then, you’ll be like, Google analytics will make said, no, they won’t send it because you’ve said, no, we don’t want to get this. It’s kind of a glitch in Google analytics. So if you’re going to turn off your your dashboards or your reports from Google analytics, be sure to log into your admin and do it that way to stop, getting it or Google, analytics will stop sending any reports. Which could be a problem if you want to get it later but those reports I can add more information to them. Right? Absolutely. Okay, absolutely. I know for instance, Ali is customized her dashboard for things like social media that she’s more interested in. Okay. And I’m just providing the dashboard as a starting point. And but you, please feel free to customize it to what you feel is valuable. Okay, I wasn’t sure if I could change it. After I set it up to send me emails every week and put, okay? So you can okay. Great. So those questions came from me, I’m going back through your list. Are we doing stuff? Like, when I went back through it, I realized that there was some stuff that was like, missing. I stopped getting my monthly reports that had to redo that again. So yeah, those questions came from me, going back through your your list. I’m glad you’re going back. I I have to go back, throw it as well. Just to make sure everything still setup and my with each with each step. I try to recommend that you go back every so often Because sometimes Google changes something and you’ll have to fix it or something to go wrong. I tried to provide suggestions on hey I would check this every so often if I were you based on my experience of making steaks and not checking things.

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