Is having a nofollow link a bad thing?

While nofollow links have no value when it comes to SEO are they bad? Could they be useful in other ways?

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My question is and I’m not too sure exactly how worried it. So I have to do with, like, getting link to your site. And what is it some things that I’ve heard a lot about is things for local Seo getting local link through sponsorship. light sponsoring event. sponsoring even like that. And and when you sponsored from event, then, of course, they have your information as to sponsors. So but then I was, like, well, are they? Because you are sponsoring it you’re gonna be paying sponsored giving the money sponsor. So then is the site gonna do a no follow week, and then how is how does all that work? Because I think in regular Seo, the they’re following doesn’t have as much it it doesn’t have any of the use that you want. Mh. So Okay. Pope con is great, You know, I wanna go to puff on one day. people to tough tends to push the envelope with Google a little more than high feel comfortable list. Okay. Okay? So there is a dance Thank with Google that we play where we We want to fall the rules. Mh. But sometimes the rules are strict if we follow the rules we’ll get nowhere. Link building is well. Thanks. Mh. So the first suggestion for you is to review Google’s rules about link building. Okay. Okay. So with the attention in the game plan under, I think the called. Everything you need to know about Okay. And there’s link to Google’s rules. Okay. where it’s explicitly says what is allowed not time I It explicitly states if sponsorship is occurring the no follow Also now, you can use the sponsored tag needs to be associated with link, You said. you could you can use no follow or sponsor they too So you can sponsored and set. So What that tells Google is that. We’re disclosing that money is paid Mkay. and then so supposedly Google. is is not counting the link for Seo purposes. Okay. They’ll that mean you could still get traffic. Oh, yeah. Right? You can still. people can still see your sponsorship and said, oh I wonder if this is a company I meant this site in by products. Mh. It just it doesn’t count as a part of the Google algorithm Okay. Yeah. Mh. Okay. So that is how push to work Mh. But. This is where we kind of push the on up a little bit. And we say So more call kid’s, soccer team one the football, if you’re use I would like to sponsor your soccer team by buying your see currencies, And as the sponsor, of your soccer team. I will buy jersey that I want my company and logo on those two. And as an expectation, I think you should leave to my website from your little teeny tiny Youth soccer website. I have an idea Hold on. All on. All that. So Most people who maintain tony youth soccer. But I mean think about. About no phone. we’re not trying to gain Google’s algorithm. And so don’t know the don’t. care about mill phone. They they just they’re just hasn’t to get their kids. Yep. Soccer performed. Yeah. Right? So What is that it against through those guidelines? Yeah. So. Yeah. I guess it’s hard on that part because we’ve been enhanced i your example, you said, okay. So put my link on this site, but here’s the actual link. they still may not do it right. Mh. So Google in the guideline says, they hold responsible any website that links to another website. Mkay. So not only if Google found that link, it was clear you paid money to get that link. Maybe you didn’t pay money, maybe gave them free uniforms. you still gave them something for that link. Google, Not only would get your website in trouble. but your youth soccer website would be a trouble. Okay. What kind of Jerk international multi a trillion dollar company comes down on honey soccer sports seats. So is Google gonna really ban that website? Probably not. think on the P r nightmare. Yeah. Yeah. Right. So that’s why sometimes people do that kind of link they so like, Google is not going to after this tv title socrates. And I get the follow link and so there. but so that’s dance we play. Okay. So today? you’re gonna say something? Yeah. I was gonna suggest if could write an article about this event and maybe this way it will be Okay. By Google. Like can you and your blog, maybe as websites, that would cover like, they are interested about this these years and they would cover this article. And maybe this way, you could give a link the way my following in the rules. Yeah. Yeah. I i touch you great way Think about it. So let’s to to translate use set up Building lingo. we’ve created a link worthy piece of content on our website people want interact with wants to interact with and therefore, they will link to it. That’s great. Okay. But I I feel like we’re not quite getting to your question. So I to have another part that it’s. So let’s say we do it N nsa. It’s it’s it’s a sponsored link it’s tagged is sponsored. or follow. What I was also reading that Does that. for local Seo was okay that because of the brand awareness, in the and in the community involvement that that still helps you with your local business. because it’s. that as far as. And I think I was reading there was something on bright local that I was reading about that. that they talked about for local Seo that not having that no follow that having the no follow is not necessarily a a world thing as far that you’re doing with So There there’s a lot of rumors and speculation issue on the follow they’ll follow does not pass link authority full. Yeah. Is it bad to have a phone link no? Nothing wrong with it. It’s just not helping Google establish your website as authority. Yeah. So if you only had no follow links to your website, Google would have no way of saying your website is an authority at all. Mh. Right? So you do need some from follow links your website. that’s why we have several link building processes and curious. to help you find ways to do that. When I hesitate to build a link because there’s no follow no. Problem history we gotta be realistic about what’s doing. It could send traffic. that traffic could generate customers Right. So this is mike. if you’re a piece of partner You should be sponsoring youth sport because where do they go after they pay their game? They go to the t mortar, if they see your logo, at least by cooking yeah, that makes perfect sense. So this is just basic marketing. Yeah. The manufacturer local Seo. Probably not. Probably not at all, but it is good marketing. Okay. So I don’t think I I I’m confident google seasonal phone no authority. Nothing. No tell you smooth that like. two There’s a lot of other value from that link that have nothing do with google’s algorithm. Okay. So if you’re a local business it wants to be generous and sponsor things, and there’s a self interest in that because you’d like to go. Your orthodontics and your sponsoring, the hockey team. It would great place it. Yeah. You know, the the the big orthopedic place answers almost every sports team in tim. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You best they do. You bet do they trade out they treat all the professional athletes. Yeah. Because my mom breaks her ankle, On Christmas day, only thing who’s the thing we think of, but or through Carolina. And we go there. Mh. Right? that’s all brand building. So that’s really good. does that make your your my Google my business listing rank better in Google, no. k. No. Not at all. will it help grow your business? Yeah. I probably will. Yeah. There. Yeah. So do it? I don’t hesitate just because there’s no fault. So like, we. Yeah. So yeah, that’s that’s kind of what I think about it. If you could think about it that way, So how that helps. Yeah. I think so. Yeah. And and some might say that if if you look at your overall link building Portfolio of all the links to your site, it would be really, really weird if none of links or no follow. Mh. So you kind of wanted to have some problems in. would be really odd. Google might say, really? Every link Definitely. Yeah. haven’t got that stuff yet with my client but She has A lot of Yes, sponsors says does she have. on her site that she links to. Mh So I need to go in and check the to make sure they are following. in that snowfall they thinking out if someone’s paid her money she needs oh no follow have follow. the Okay. No on the link. Because because if I’m understanding, right, We don’t wanna mention the clients made. it is a known profit. And so look still profit is getting donations. In other words are getting money to sustain there thing and and in in compensation for helping sustain there our profit there. helping advertise, No. Mkay. So if if A link, is supposed to be vote of confidence authority. That link is not credible if money passed hands as vote of confidence. I I think I’ve used my plumber analogy before where there’s a roof while plumber and who’s is the best plumber Well, if that if somebody goes into a room of plumber get everybody in that room five bucks and say, hey, say it that I’m the best plumber in this room. And then everyone at the run points the one plumber who gave each gate from five bucks, that does make it credible. Yeah. That just means he was rich. And so the same thing goes placed, So the no fall leaf will not be held against you. as someone leaking out But if you don’t, if you receive money and lake out, Will Google theoretically could cancellation website. Now, Again, it’s google we’re gonna do that for a non nonprofit organization. I don’t think you’re wants to be then. Let’s of a jerk. And I don’t think. Google is watching every tiny old website to closely. thank you But if if you would like to just. hats an insurance Mh. Go ahead, Nathan no follow i attribute get to each of those legs. just to make sure, Okay. Would there be, is there really essence they’ve got the sponsored like, is there any real difference in things answered versus no follow. No. So so you don’t have to get through this from me. Okay. Yeah. So sponsored, there’s another, like, a user U, I think it’s. Yeah. Yeah user generate content. Absolutely always to describe The different purposes of a no follow link to Google if you wanna give google more information. Okay. but they treat them all like phone. So let’s. So if we think about this like? Sponsored, That’s not a vote of confidence because money’s past hands and their latency, get money that’s not a real vote of authority. if it’s generated content, it shouldn’t be either any more than if you If I had five different phone number, and you called into to the five different phone numbers and you ask me who I think the best Seo in Charlotte I’m i’m gonna say I am But really, you just ask me five times. Right? That’s each generated content. So that shouldn’t be a lot of confidence either. And This way, and I think there’s a third one back forget. But just if you just use no follow, that’s It doesn’t have to be a every link. Just the ones more money’s past hands. staff. Yeah.

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