Is Changing Page Titles Often Helpful for Local SEO?

The leads that I want are not coming my way, so I am making some changes to my titles every month. Here is some advice on what you should do.

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You’re next up.

Okay, I think you answered one of them.

No good.

 I’ll skip it.

Then that was the alt tag.

How often the change your page title and made and meta descriptions to help local SEO, the next one.

 So I would like to learn a little bit more about your question.

You say, how often should I change page titles and descriptions to help local SEO?

Why what do you think changing them helps your local SEO and what part of that is changing as helping locals, you know?

What is it a page title?

Um, I guess because

If I’m talking about something that’s not very big in my area.

But somewhere else, but I want to do local.

So, in order to reach,

 because clients in my local area, I’d have to

Catered to to what they may ask versus what some wanted in the other side of the country would ask mmm-hmm.

So when would you, I guess the question is your you seem to believe that it’s important to change these on a regular basis.


I guess the change it if it’s not working.



 Okay, good.

So this I kind of get into this in the on page, keyword research process.

And it talks about identifying if figuring out, if you can find a better keyword for your page.

So in the keyword, in the game plan in the SEO game plan, one of the things is this spreadsheet.

I’m asking everybody to kind of download and use to keep track of where you are in the process and in that spreadsheet, there’s a line item for, you know, keyword research for specific page and then optimizing that specific page and then that spreadsheet.

 I recommend you use that to keep

Track of each page.

So you should have keyword research for a specific page.

Literally, for each page of your website that you’re optimizing and then optimize a specific page each page of your website that you’re optimizing.

And so then every two months, I recommend you go back to the page that you’ve already optimized.

And check to see if you don’t if it’s doing well for your phrase.

 So how I recommend you check it a couple months later.

Is, I’ll take the URL for the page.

 It’s already been published.

I’ll go into Google search console into the search results data.

I’ll enter in the page.

 You the full URL in the search results and it will then show you all the queries.

All the words, people entered into Google to find your page in the

 at three months.

With that information, I can see Impressions.

 How many people saw my page from each of these queries clicks?

 How many people clicked on my page?

 After seeing it and my average rank for that query to that page?

And I’ll use that data to help.


See, oh, I thought people were looking for web design in Charlotte, but it looks like lately.

I’m showing up a better for Charlotte Web Design.

I’m going to change the focus of the page to the ladder because I’m actually getting clicks for that.

The other one I wasn’t getting clicks yet or

One of the secrets is, what if you ranked 11th position for something?

 And if you just made you pay just a little bit better.

You’re you move from the second page of Google onto the first

That’s really great.

 When you aren’t getting clicks yet, or are getting a lot of Impressions.

You can find something that’s in the 11th position and it’s like go back and re optimize the page for the 11th, the phrase for which your ranking number 11 and now you’ll pop up to the first page sometimes you might pop up to the middle of the first page.

But that’s described in the keyword research for a specific page and I’m assuming you’re going to do that two months after the first time, you optimized a particular page.


And so this will help you say oh, should I say Charlotte web design?

Or should I say web design in Charlotte NC or should I, for instance?

What if what if you showed up in Huntersville?

North Carolina and what if that was a better opportunity and sometimes, you know, you know, I know Huntersville is a suburb of scary-looking, sometimes people search for Charlotte and I mean Huntersville and, you know, blah blah blah. But, you know, if that happens to be one of those opportunities that won’t take much effort that if you just simply change the word to Huntersville rather than Charlotte and you suddenly start showing up and getting clicks. Wow, I take that.


So that process might help you know when and what to change it to and then because you’re using that data you then you would end up changing your title tag in your meta description.

Because you have a new keyword to focus on, right.

Yeah. And then you would probably go through your content and you’d make sure you mention Huntersville for a client in Huntersville, you helped or you know, whatever you add content to your page.

So then now it’s more relevant to Huntersville because, you know, Hopper, you realize oh there’s a better opportunity to rank in Huntersville than it is to rank and Charlie, okay?

So, let’s take a look at those processes and offer your critique and how I can make those more clear if those help you.

 I thank you.

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