Is Building Multiple Backlinks from the Same Website Beneficial?

Once you establish a relationship with someone who has linked to you, it can be tempting to ask them for other links, but does it help you?

Video transcript:

Tim: If you notice that you got a link organically just by producing a really great article, and you saw that you’re getting traffic from this. In correlation with developing that relationship, do you reach out to that person and thank them for it, for linking to your website? And offer an opportunity to, I kind of know the answer to this, but never thought of it before, to do that?

David: Yeah, you know. We have an article on Curious Ants about determining the quality of a link. At a certain point, more than one link from the same website isn’t as good as another link from a different website.

Tim: Right.

David: But that’s still better than no link. So, if you’re able to margin that one link opportunity into another link opportunity, that’s better than getting nothing. It would be better if you had an opportunity to get a link from a totally different website. But the advantage of getting multiple links from the same site is next time, maybe you can get a link to one of your landing pages rather than your homepage. Now, that’s a link. That’s really going to help your SEO. Maybe you can work with them, and together, you can team up and do a bigger project than you alone are able to accomplish. We talked about skyscraper or broken backlinks. What if the skyscraper or broken backlink project was to be on their website? What if you found that that page is broken or out-of-date, and you were to approach them and say, “Let me help you update your page,” and all you ask for is a citation for helping. So, just having this link-building mindset, the real good link builders talk about having a link-building mindset of always looking for some way to get a link out of it. And if that is going on Twitter and saying, “Hey, thanks for sharing,” and striking up a conversation with them, great. It might not be anything. But what if it became a really great working relationship? What if it actually wasn’t link-building? What if it was job referrals? That would be great too, right?

Tim: Right.

David: That’s exactly right, Tim, to be thinking about building that relationship and keeping that going. Because as you go to better and better link building, you’re going to have to show almost a portfolio of what you’ve done. So, if you can go to someone and have say, “Hey, look, I’ve worked with this website for years. Look at all that we’ve worked and done together.” And someone could view that and say, “Oh, Tim wasn’t just selling his stuff. Tim was contributing valuable expertise and is giving his time away for free. Look at how smart he is.” And you can kind of use that portfolio to trade up to the next better website and then trade that one up to the next better website. And so that’s why that relationship building and why going back to someone who is already linked to you can be a really good thing, especially as you’re getting started.

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