How you could price your SEO services?

Selecting the right price when you provide online SEO services can be challenging; This is how you could do it.

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I have a really hard time. I mean, I’m getting better at, but it’s I mean, charging what I should be charging at Had. I think everybody does. especially when I was starting out. So I’ve been improving But Yeah. I definitely agree. You don’t don’t sell yourself short on on what you price them. for sure. Yeah. And. Yeah. I don’t know what undercut the market by any name that’s Right. Right. Right. Just because I feel that I don’t have the level of experience. But in all actuality, I have decades of experience. Yeah. Doing this I’ve studied it. And now I’m with a the coaching group where we have we clean hospice hours where I can any question that I feel uncomfortable about and I think you have the expert answer It’s. Yeah I think I see. two the the thing we should be thinking about pricing you the great resignation that’s going on right now. Right. like I’ve been paying my copyright the same amount i’ve been paid them for several years. at a certain point It’s gonna be cheaper for the work it done was right for me. and I I seriously will think about raising my rates again, just to make sure I can keep them. Yeah. And ed you know, we don’t wanna. I don’t I’m I don’t wanna go into my clients. Right? I have close I’ve never raised the rates with. and that’s One since i’m locate okay with that because I didn’t charge a embark basement beginning I have gone a couple of clients for listen. It’s it’s just more expensive. that used to be You. more expensive to live. And everything, I just pay my riders fifty bucks and help it give me a good article. Right? Yeah. I I have to hire better writers that have to hire riders it’s experience. cut the higher riders who that able to do the research and you’re to be half or too. well besides the we put the tools that I have to do The spend you do my job, Yeah. Yeah. For for mine, but a lot of the google on my business I do Google always ask there’s new features new this do that. so for mine, a part of it is you know, additional work. It just, is there because they technology stuff changes. Yeah. So One thing I do that I’ll tell you how a secret behind my pricing that helps me a lot. Hi I. I don’t wanna go hourly rate. I think what all know why we double charge per hour. in the short answer, just for the record is It’s not scalable to do an hourly rate frankly, do they really care if you work to now or as long as you get the results they need. if it takes now or it takes six it’s a check a half, they and they get the great results for they care. What I Do give everyone one of my clients a twenty percent that I call a media budget So it’s. Like i said if I if I I don’t even wanna do numbers. But Whatever I charge my clients per month, twenty percent of that does not go to me. it goes for my liability, to pay other people to do what we need to do to accomplish your goals. What was that time? twenty percent of the whatever they’re paying me every month the straight to writers. Sometimes I have to hire developer. to fix something on the side Okay. Well, that means less content. but to fix something on the same. sometimes I need to hire a service to do something. Okay. I just take that out a budget. What I really like about this this model, Don’t have to diamond clients. Right. They’re paying the same rate every month. someone they get three articles, some months they get five articles so they get one article, But other when they only give one article, is either one really, really good article. Or they’re getting an article and i’m paying this service to do this and another service to do that. and I get to manipulate that budget to help them do what needs to get the. Look from my perspective, what this helps me do is to not hold back for my clients to do what needs to get done. Because frankly, I’ve got a budget to do it. There’s time we look at the clients you like I really wish I could do this. But that’s just too expensive. So I gotta bug. I could send that budget for that claim. I have to get a hundred different articles written. I can get it written. It might take a few months. but I can do it. And and that’s why I kind of reserve that money to be spent for the clients. because to to see that success, I do have to spend money on different things. And that just allows me to have that flexibility that’s not hurting my bottom line, to do the claim justice. I’ve I’ve done this for years in fact, I stole this idea from the guy had launched with just a few minutes think up. because that’s on behavior his business. is basically off top, just go straight to content costs and stuff like that that needs to happen. that way, I don’t have to Borrow money for myself to write articles to play. I don’t have to ask the claim to pay me more or ask place right, they’re never gonna write it. Right. They’re never we’re gonna ride an article. This guy’s hp hp Ac guy. He’s not gonna write arc. So So this way I budget. Okay. Got. I’ve got hire a good letter. Get them the right for. Hey. This is Bill Tim. A neighborhood had client asked me to account all that Lily. that goes for them. They just trust that I’m gonna spend it in their best interest. Frankly, my interest to specify for because if I wanna see the performance, I can’t cut back. Yeah. And for, if there’s nothing to do, All the spit it all on riders, you it’ll still help But i guess I if I’m inspired one month, actually, The next couple months with the holidays, I’m basically front loading every client with a ton content and then like, when I take time off for the holidays, this context being written. And I can come back to the client today hey, look at all we going for you. Anyway. I I I run this my business for six years list night, I highly recommended it. if that helps make sure you have the budget to be able to help the clients that. I hope hope you help you to Yeah. Thanks. That’s very insightful. Okay.

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