How to track clicks offsite?

Knowing what links users click brings valuable data on user behavior on your website. Using Google Tag Manager you can track outbound click links which can be very useful.

Video transcript:

I’ve got a client that got Google Analytics. I don’t think she’s got goals set up yet. I have a little bit of a hard time with that because her scheduling is off-site on another scheduler. So I might have to use Google Tag Manager for those. Is that the best way to do that?

Do we have a tag manager on that site?

Yes. That’s something thing I always do now.

Can you do Google Manager on a third-party site? So is her scheduling on another website?

Yes. I would use the Tag Manager and somehow tag where it says schedule an appointment on her site When they click that button, put something there. Is that right?

[Not exactly. With Google Tag Manager you don’t add code to a link, you add code within GTM to track the click a of an element]

Yeah, that’s better than nothing.

You and I debate whether or not we should have exposed email addresses. You can do the same thing with an email address: use tag manager to track how many times someone clicks on that email address. Then you know how many of those even get clicked. Then you’ll know which emails resulted from what marketing channel, so you know what’s paying off for you.

It’s the same thing here, but you’re tracking the button like you’re tracking the click on an email address.

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