How to track clicks offsite?

Knowing what links users click brings valuable data on user behavior on your website. Using Google Tag Manager you can track outbound click links which can be very useful.

Automated transcript:

And that’s one thing queue that I’m I’m working on as far as, like, because you know, with my client is, I I I make sure that all of it it up for them as well. And I’ve got a client that she’s got Google Analytics. and I need to check because. I don’t think she’s got goals set up and i’ve got set those And the one thing I have a little bit a hard time with that is that I think a lot of her scheduling is off site on another scheduler So I might have to do, I think using Google Tag Manager attack for those. Is that the best way to do that? We have to tag manager on that site. Yes. I. And that’s something thing I always do now. Always set a Google tag manager and not italian installed. Google analytics and g four. can you do Google Manager on third party side? Mean point. So is it’s her scheduling on on website on another the website. Yes. I was gonna do this. the tag manager, somehow tag where it says schedule a equipment on her site, when they click that button, put some kind of thing there. Is is that an on the was soft because still knows it feels out they could Yeah. but that’s better thing better than nothing nothing. Right. So and it since, you know, you and I debate whether our not shipping exposed email address, you can do the same thing with email address. Yeah. use tag manager track. many times speak click on that email address. Okay. because the they likely sent you an email. Yeah. then you know, how many of those even does clicked? emails resulted from what marketing channel to know what’s paying off for you. Yeah. I’m so that. That’s why I don’t like email it just to track them. do what you’re doing. It’s the same thing. is tracking the button but you’re just tracking the click on an email address. Okay. Okay. And then now now you. It’s not ideal, but Yeah.

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