How to see Google My Business visitors in Google Analytics

Are people coming to your website (and becoming customers) because of your Google My Business listing? Here’s how you can use Google Analytics to know for sure.

Most businesses need to setup a local listing such as a Google My Business profile. Is this generating new customers for you? How can you tell? If you track these visitors in Google Analytics, you can know for sure. Here’s how (and some problems to avoid).


Does Google my business This time with Google analytics like it’s something like if you’re not Google send you this message like you had so many people visit you so Google business. So it doesn’t automatically tie-in. But what I do for mine is at UTM codes, the tracking codes like to the links so that I can see it in Google analytics. So Google does have their own insights a for Google my business, but it’s not in Google and Glitz and they have they’re in the process of updating that system and in the past those analytics weren’t really very accurate because they would sometimes duplicate. I can’t remember what the whole thing was as far as like how but but they sometimes would have the bite we would duplicate stuff so you would regret not getting accurate report. And said, they aren’t changing that and updating it but I always like to do the in stage the UTM and see it in Google analytics because then I can say oh this post about XYZ is the one that’s getting people to the thing. I put it on the if there’s a pointment link. I put a UTM there. I put a UTM on the main website and then all the posts. Okay, and anything products anything in there that has a link and that’s something I’ve started doing recently. So some of my other clients that I’ve had for a while. I’m going back in and adding these so yeah, I like the UTMB animal go. Oh look because I’ll have it like I separated like this came from the Google Maps this came from the profile link. So I know they clicked on the profile for this is a Google my business. Host and this is what the topic of the post. So yeah, I like I like doing that. Yeah from it. Correct me if I’m wrong. If you do not set a UTM code in your life your business listing main website. It will come as direct traffic. You might possibly I think so. I think so. I was looking at my report I get like referrals coming from Google and David. I’m not a hundred percent sure about that. I don’t know so but yeah, I know that Google discover will come in as direct traffic, but it’s so if if you go into your search console and you have enough articles that Google is starting to serve up your articles as Google discover. It comes in as direct because of two things one of which is the way they set up the link. They’re basically not passing the referral data with the link. They think it’s a security issue, which is a little bit of ho ho ho baloney. But whatever if you go in you can correlate the clicks from your Google Drive discover, and you can correlate it to Traffic to individual posts and we did a little report on reliable Acorn about that and I think that the same parameters in your Google my business listing are set such that Google will not send the referring to refer. So like in my Google every time I post a blog post on the client site. I also post it in Google my business. if only for Superstition Because I don’t think it really does anything for anything but I always added UTM code tracking to it and it’s really really interesting to see in Google analytics have few clicks. I get from my clients Google my business posts. They are doing a lot of different things with post now and some of it I’m not necessarily sure as far as like clicking on the post, but Those posts on there Kenny improve conversion in Google my business having new posts. They’re also doing something we’re especially if you’re in the app using it there if you have a new update so like if I’m looking at a listing and I haven’t it’s new. I haven’t seen this listing before it’ll have a red dot next updates. So beyond I’m like, oh what’s that red dot now click on it and there’s the newest one that’s brand-new. And then this is why I was mentioned in in the the round taste search engine Roundtable. Yeah, because after that I was looking at a client and it set up dates and I’m like, okay and it says updates by visitors and I’m like, what’s that? And so I went I was looking at a client site and I’m one of their clients as well. So I had a picture at their office that I had taken when I went into their office to visit them and I updated it uploaded it as me because I took it there when I went for a visit and put a description. On it and then I post them like, you know, this is from visitors. What is this is this new and that was that something new that visitors are now going to be able to post an image with a description because you can do that like for photos for restaurants for like dishes and everything, but this is something new that you can do it for and I’ve seen it on everyone I’ve pulled up so I don’t know if it’s kind of because some people said they haven’t seen it so don’t know if it’s like as far as as Google sometimes just rolls things out in different areas of the country first. Yeah, so that might have something to do with it. Okay. That’s a good find. I remember re you shared that with me. I was like, that’s a really good fun. I could see it being ripe for abuse. I definitely that’s the thing is like I when I see new different things like that when I get excited, I’m like and how can people go in and abuse that yeah. Well, I wonder if it’s for placing, you know client uploading images. Able to upload an image to a Google my business lie still can’t you can still do that? Because he like you can upload them as a you know, with the review you can upload your images. You can upload them separately. I don’t know possibly possibly but it was just interesting that you know, I went there and now I’m looking it’s funny. So my one client has this one picture I uploaded as a Visitor and I look at all these others and that’s the only one that has one from a visitor was the one that I did for them. Nice. So it’s really cool, you know interesting.

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