How to Manage Your SEO Tasks with Curious Ants

Curious Ants tells you all the things you need to do for a successful SEO campaign. How can you keep up with what you’ve already done or what to do next?

Automated Transcript:

I wanted to push us to.

what’s next?

in terms of Carrie Hands.

like, where are we each in the process?

What’s the next thing we can do to make the biggest thing whether this for ourselves or for our clients.

I think where I get kind of stuff is that I we’ll start along and and I just I I can’t seem to get, like, further along.

It’s like I kinda get stuck and then I get side on the the else.

And then I come back and I’m like, what did I do?

I don’t remember.

So I think that’s kinda of my biggest thing as far as you know.

working on this.

Have I shown you the spreadsheet that I used to manage this Mh okay.

I think so..

I mean, I’d be happy to look at it again.

This is it was hell.




When did you shared it?

it’s just.

Is it it’s sounded curious it.


Let me let show because I I agree.

that remembering where you are and what’s next?

is really the hard part.



in especially because, you know, right now curious hands is pretty static.

I would love this eventually being something it’s like, okay.

I’ve done this tab.

I’ve done this staff I’ve done this step.

But Here’s the spreadsheet that I’m referring to.


Right under the video.

And I think the video explains how to use it, but you y’all only have is make copy of it.

It is literally got.

this list.


With links to everything, Okay.


I mean, that’s that’s.

I need just focus on that.



So the idea here is you start with order priority.

So if you get if you’ve got this done, you put the date in there.

And once this has taken a long time log for some reason.

Mh Bye.


Why is it typing so?

There we go.

So now you know when to do it next.

to I do every day when I opened these from my because I have one of these for in my clients.


I sort my priority to make sure it everything’s the most important things on top sort a disease by review.

And that moves the thing that I’m done to the bottom Okay.

So now I know, The biggest thing for my box network of conversions.

What’s that?

Why did you click on the hold to the bottom, because I just put the dates and then Oh, okay.


Just for a disease, it’ll start by what’s not been done or by what is next to be done?



So for instance, the dashboard you do every bye every Monday, So the next date.

you a lot of automatically click calculate for me at thirtieth.

So when when it comes to thirtieth, that’ll be sorted.

Close to the top.


This is how I because I agree.

I have a hard at time.

Remembering what’s next, what have I done?

And with all the things that you could do, I try to provide a priority Say this is probably the most important thing for you to do.

But like you only need to do this every six months.



She should do every month.



so that this is my attempt to help because they You we all know we don’t manage our clients by touching them every day.

That’s so funny that you said that.

We go.


I no.

I don’t end way.

I had somebody told me that a couple weeks ago and they were saying, oh, you should be touching that every single day, and I’m just like, what are you talking about?

I’m like, if I’m like, doing and have my process down and I’m doing it I don’t have to go in and just like, look and.

You know, it just seemed crazy to me.

and and I.

So the That’s funny.





frankly, do you care if you’re getting the results?


Second of all, like, I never want my place to feel that way.



It’s the reality.


In most clients, get it.

If the client doesn’t get it.

They can pay me more.


Or they could find someone else.





And so with there’s a couple tricks at this, I think I I think in this video, I kinda go through all this.

If this helps Yeah.



for instance, This is one of the only tricks.

Mh So this is keyword reasons for a specific page.

been optimizing a specific page.

So let’s say, At first gonna do my page.


Well, So I’ve optimized my home page.


Well not even a day.

Oh question.

Oh, Well, i’m on the.

give them off before conversion.

I know what I wanna split from my conversion.

Right, but with keyword rent research overview.

i’ve been to keyword research.

But Wanna in thinking having to come up with blog both titles.

But as I look, to move the next steps before you even think about block i don’t you need to do have the keyword search for your.

specific pages, So Can reach an overview, is about kind of understanding the business and all the things the business could be found for Once you have that overview, then I’m recommending you create a blueprint basically says, okay.

I’ve got this page.

Gonna optimize it for this idea.

I have this idea.

I need to create a new page.

It doesn’t even talk about that yet.

and that’s where we get the difference between a landing page a blog post.




So for.

a business that sales industrial machinery One of the industrial machines they might make is a widget making machine.

So the industrial I have two ideas, industrial machinery and widget making machine.

So I probably would need two pages on my site with blueprint helps me plan ahead.

To know, okay, I need a page that’s gonna be dedicated to dust machinery Maybe that’s a page.

Maybe that’s another page.

and Also need a page dedicated to widget making machines.

So that’s probably gonna be a page.

Maybe I created a yet.

But maybe Maybe if there’s already one, I just need to optimize that page.

But that’s the balloon for this kind of after you’ve done the old overview Then to go to the blueprint, and you kinda say, okay.

Here’s what I know I need based on the overview.

Here’s where I’m going.

but I’m before you get into the specific page just I think there are some really good opportunities to pursue.

first before you start Okay.

We’re gonna do a little bit more depth human research about widget making machines.



And that’s where we might find block ideas, that’s where we might find questions and answers to talk about and things like that To figure out the page it’s more taking a little bit more types.

Not a lot of time that is little more time to optimize page.


And then actually optimized the page, I’ve kind broken.

keyword research into several steps Laws is gonna take overview.

just What all the possible things that I need to focus on for this website in making a plan.

That means I need to create a couple of pages.

page is already about that.

I just need to optimize that.

you know, going through my website saying, okay, I’ve already got a page for this.

Is that need to be optimized, If so what am I optimizing it for?

Kind of having a plan And then as I have a plan, and I this tells me what pages I need to create or need to optimize and I go through each of these and have reached different page on my site bye Just create.

a new new synergies, So this is.

This is the Out of stage.


So now I’m gonna optimize These two.

These pay this page in this page.

And as I add more pages, I just copy it pay season so then, okay.

So I Mh I chemo research this.

But then on eight twenty five Hi did.

erased this this page, Thank you.

and I optimized it Okay.


so that you kinda.

that what happens is as then I’ve gone through whole website, I can then say, okay, every three months It’s time to come back to this page.

and I got the page here.

I need to to see if what are the best keywords to optimize that and in this process, assure you how to see Have you picked the right word?

Are is there a better opportunity that you’re not?

seeing yet.

bye And then go back and optimize it again.

It maybe found a better word, maybe you maybe you are gonna keep optimizing for sync and usually, what I’ll do is say, you know, here, I’ll change it to this You know, I’ll put the keyword in there.

So remember what I’m focusing on.

then every every Monday, when I’m was sitting down to get rid to work, I sort of by a priority Makes sure that I have everything in order by most important.

Then I sort by review, and it’ll tell me the first thing I need to do.

first thing I need to do Google analytics dashboard.


done I don’t repeat it.

Does that help.

played a little bit more clearly, when I’m hoping we can Yeah.

I think so I need to go back in and.

Because I do have this but sheet I need to now go back in and take a look and and start using it using it hold on let me.

let me show that.

to see to see you see a live example and they see if i can pull one up.

the the Alright.

Here is my Seo process for Carrie sands.


So you can see the It’s time for me to publish a new blog post.

Because if I saw everything by priority, cash why everything slow.

Can verify way it’s due I that’s that is the thing I probably need to do most.

even though it’s thirteenth in priority, I haven’t done one in another four weeks.


should have done one last week it didn’t do it.


Mh bye.


The next thing I need to do is I’ve been doing the keyword reached overview.

Actually, I think I feel like I can say that’s done.

but you can see what I’ve done here too.


I’ve optimized the homepage.

The whole page is optimized for learn Seo.

twenty seven time me look at that at tenth.


October end of October.

I optimized the analytics There go this interesting feel that.

analytics page, and the content page where both optimized are did keyword for them in the third of August.

Either there a bunch on third august look at how much I did on the third august.


but I can kind of keep straight.

But what’s what’s my priority right now?

my priority probably this.

So That’s probably what I should do.

Next is fine and ride a new block.

because it’s been four weeks since we’ve done one.

And Yeah.

But then I’ve added all these pages i know when to go back and and so that in November is gonna be a big day to go back and distribute review all these pages that have optimized.

here’s one I did.


So don’t have to look at that too and after thanksgiving.



This helps in yours here.



I’m actually changed the order of things.

to so here’s the process.

I added my notes sealed over I moved the notes.


And I like to Like to keep the notes and remote self, like, okay.

you know, nice to be able to get directly to the process so I can give you quickly, but Yeah.

like, The local listing process doesn’t reason relevant to rely security stance.


probably gonna skip that process.




I I totally get how.

how hard it is to keep track of everything.

So literally, everyone one of my clients has a spreadsheet like that Yeah.

And some mid kinds work with for years, so that’s they’re really low because found all kinds of landing phases we’ve built for them.


And Yes.

Very frequently at the top there’s a bunch of things and I haven’t done yet.


Like, this one, I i’m have read my own block.

But that’s okay Now I know when I have but I’m kind of at that point like, I feel like I need to do for a client, but I don’t know what to do.


you, There we go.

This is what I should do for my myself I should write a blog post.



but yeah.

Like I said, literally everybody has one of these.

there might be other versions of when i use for them, but this is basically the same idea.

Anyway I hope that helps because I’m I get.

that it helps.



and I just wanted you to see that I am drinking my crew here.

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