How Should an Image Source Be Cited on a Website?

As with written sources, images must also be properly cited.

Automated Transcript:

Trisha you submitted a question about images.

Yeah, I did it make sense.


Why don’t you bunch of summarize?

Your question for us.

So, um, basically like a lot of times when you’re doing a website and maybe you have like location pages and on those pages, you talk about different things in the area that can be related to your business.

And a lot of that.

You you would talk about it and include some images of some things, like some local parks and local, whatever, and pictures are always good.

So my question was, where is a good place to Source?

Those pictures?

And is it okay?

To, for example, Source them like it’s let’s say it’s something that has a Wikipedia page that has a good picture and Source it there and put it the bottom

Source, Wikipedia and link to it.

Can you do that?

Is that, okay?

And is that acceptable?

Because it’s like, for example, sometimes, you know, I do have clients here in metro Atlanta.

But what if I have a client across the country, I can’t go take pictures.

And a lot of times when you ask clients to take pictures like that,

Not understand her.

So yeah, I’ll yeah, I’ll do it.

And then they never get to it.

So that’s the reason and everything.

So what is your take on that?

Hey, I want to commend you for wanting to Source your images.

Yeah, right.

Like we sto, people are the worst about plagiarism in in, it’s really important to Source it.

Now, if you do under like, I think Wikipedia images are under Creative, Commons, I think,

You’re required to give them a source.

Oh okay.

So yeah, so like I don’t know the licensing very well.

Okay, so I’ll do is you can use it as long as you give it a source, okay?

See, I don’t know, I stopped at that point again.

Oh, Wikipedia has a good image, I’d like to use that and then I didn’t follow through with what is their thing.

So, so I need to Google Wikipedia’s license, right?

Creative, Commons license in.

But even if you didn’t, if you wanted to

To The Source on Wikipedia.

It’s not going to hurt you.

It doesn’t hurt you to link out.

Yeah, and at Wikipedia, I met, you know, it.

That’s not a bad place to link to well, no, it’s not bad play, it doesn’t help you but it doesn’t work.


If you, when we’re talking about linking out, we’re really more concerned about creating reciprocal links.


Link to someone, and they link back to us.

Yeah, so we that’s a No-No.

That’s a No-No.


Now what about?

So, so the wiki is good.

So what if about images on something?

I mean I have to look up and confirm and make sure but probably just link to it the source of the image now is that something.

So so let’s say I found an image that I liked on Wikipedia, what?

I take that image and just have the link there in my page or what I actually upload the image to my site.

Is to your site but also there’s a way because I did at one point I don’t know how to do it but like you can put like the source right up under the picture.

Yeah, but there is also places where you can go and is free to use like a splash or on Splash at these are more local things that aren’t on there because that’s what I do for a lot like that and pixabay and things like that.


Um, but

I think the one thing is like, because there’s a way to like I can just download and upload it to my website or I can just put in the link where the image shows up, which is the preferred method on there.

So it depends on the website that’s from which you’re getting.

It somewhere is called hot linking when you add Lincoln and include a link of an image to that’s hosted another domain sacopee.

It’s called hot linking, some websites have rules against that.

If you can’t do it.

You’re there’s nothing SEO wise, a problem, but he gotta watch his credibility sources.

So, for instance, you could create a hot link to a kind of an unknown website.

And they could substitute that hot Lincoln’s.

Replace your image was something something bad.

Yeah, with something nefarious.


Or worse?

A Trojan of some sort like where you’re uploading.

The people think they’re uploading an image but they’re really uploading a virus their computer.

So hot linking is

An untrusted Source, especially is probably not a good idea in if, you know, so it’s always probably safer to upload it on your side.

Some licenses allow you to modify it.

So, for instance, you could trim it, you can add text to it, you could shade it, you could make it a little bit more unique, put your brand logo on it, depending on the license, some licenses are.

In fact, Google image.

Search goes through the licenses, you know, use without any limitations.

Non-commercial use only use without modification.

Can’t you know?

Or you can use it but you can’t modify.

Like there’s all kinds of rules so read up on those.



So that’s the other questions that Wikipedia is 1 and the other is like when you find things Google has these like neighborhood, what is it?

Like if you Google something Google will have Pages like things of interest in this neighborhood or something.

I’m in my making sense.

Let me see.

I’m very sorry totally got distracted by an email that came in mistreating.

You really came in while you’re asking the question, let me see.

Let me type in

Let’s see.

So like when, when you look up things and Google that’s not what I’m looking for.

Um let’s see.

Just trying to think of like different sometimes, like thinking it’ll be like, let’s see.

I’m trying to think I’ve seen the okay, okay?

So like if I am searching for, Let Me Maybe screen, share and show you what I’m talking about because I’m not looking this up but I’m quite honestly, I’m not sure what I’m doing.

Okay, can you see my screen?

It’s there it is.

Yeah, okay so I basically Google like things to do in Marietta and then on the left it has this

Your yet at this is like, Google’s kind of knowledge panel for for that.

So, and then, if you

Is it click?

So like let’s just say I’m going to look in like University.


um I thought there was something where like Google had like these images.


Right above that right off of the old on right here.

Yeah images.


So but they these are like on different places.

So these aren’t necessarily like hosted on Google.

Is that make sense?

I was looking for ones that like are, and maybe I’m going to the tent to tools, I think it is or more one of them like

Get down.

Like if you want comment up at the top where it says more.

Yeah, let me go back.

I think it’s up on the Moor wear it and you have different license types.

If you’re viewing the images?




Yeah, never mind tools.

I think usage.


Okay, so commercial and other.


Is that what?



Well, commercial mother is beans.

You pay for it.

Oh, excuse me.


Commons license, to creative limit whole block.

I need to make a note of this so I’m gonna go Google it.

And then images and then tools and then Creative Commons license.

You look at the other options that you have there.

You could pick size and the K5 hard, you could pick photos versus like an animation or a cartoon.

So here you can do Murrieta.


So does that mean that if this is saying that it’s Creative, Commons license.

That like, let’s say that,

Um that so I know pixabay but let’s just look at another one.

He’s our Wikipedia.

Kicker is a good example, go to the Flickr one.

Okay, so it says licensable well click on the link and go to Flickr.


On Flickr.

It will tell you what the license some rights reserved and you can click on that.

Where does it say some rights?

Reserved bottom.


Okay, I just take a picture.

Yeah, yeah.

Okay, so if I click on that,

it would say you’re free to share, copy registry, medium-format, adapt.

Oh, cannot revoke these screens as long as the but as you follow the terms, okay?

So like that, I would be able to use that and it typically on something like for for pixabay and things like that.

I typically I don’t act rebuke but if I’m getting it from something else like this, I probably would.


I think it’s nice.

It’s not a requirement by that license.

There are some creative common licenses that require link attribution.

So I guess I haven’t like really because usually I get them from either the client or places that I know like pics of are whatever.

But as far as more things that are locally driven because when I’ve looked on things that pixabay pixels and in the others up Splash or unsplash, they

A lot of them aren’t the local specific ones that I’m looking for.



That’s a challenge.


And I think what you’re doing to find?

These is a great idea.


And it’s, I think for all the reasons you’re saying, right, claims never get you to Orchid.

If you, let me give you a terrible one and that’s it.

If I asked, and they get it great.

My thing is is like I don’t want to like have it pulled up.

So like this one here is a local

Mark, I would go there and take a picture but let’s just say I don’t it’s in a different city and I’m like I can’t get there in the client won’t get it to me so I guess so.

This is interesting it doesn’t really say

But I click the right thing just written, I would read around, I would read Around the site.

Make sure there’s not some sort of images.

May be said, I will pay.

This is just regular Google stuff.


Yeah, because Google is trying to protect their yes.

But yeah.

Yeah, okay.

So some of them have to have trust whether Google suggests that it’s under a license.

I would go always go to the website and review what it says.

Yeah, but you know it what, you know.

If what if you link to this park as a source like who’s going to argue with you on that right?


In a totally fine the link to that part.

It’s another thing.

If your competitor has a picture you want to use and you take it and don’t tribute it right left.

Then it’s just being a jerk.


Don’t you stuff your competitors?

Yeah, but you know what, it would always be better to get your own and sometimes yeah, that means just hiring.

I’m a photographer.

Like I ever couple years just have to go get some new headshots and get a.

But last time I did headshots, I got a bunch of photos done with some people in a group that made it look like I was doing consultant.

I bought him lunch.

Hey, it’s Steve Roberts, my photographer.

And I have a ton of images for all that, right?

It was just it was a fun time because we had a blast and I had a bunch of

Just I could use and you’ll have to do it every couple of years.


But if you hire a professional that you’re going to get higher quality stuff than like this picture of this park is pretty boring.

I said yeah, I would go out and get a much better picture.

Yeah, exactly.

But not everybody has the eye you might have right?


Did so you probably with the sign on it because they have a it’s a really nice park.


Like it.

Yeah, well and all these are taken in the middle of the midday Sun.

Not during the evening hour.

Yeah, so they’re not particularly attractive and if you had some really nice photos.


It can really.

Now yeah we have to worry about doing going a little too crazy with photos.


I’m just thinking of a couple paid.

Like, if there’s a location page and you want to mention two or three things, I’m not talking about thousands of them now.




Okay, so that, that helped a lot, I was kind of not sure how to do that.

So, how what the rules were because I was seeing some and I’m like, these are not.

I could tell that I did not believe that they were ones.

That that the site had done themselves, they could have.

But but and so then I was like well, how is that done on the up-and-up?

So and that’s that’s

My main thing wanting to make sure I do it right and not like not know something and make make a mess of something.

Going to do that.

Well and when in doubt, you could contact the website owner and just say, hey I would like to use your photo on my website.

Most people

Business has been.

Yeah, well wait Wikipedia is set up the license for that purpose to not to have to do those emails because the answer license.

Yeah, yeah, that’s a great question.

Yeah, that’s that’s helpful.

Before sourcing some images.

Not all just a couple handful good.

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