How do you prepare to speak at a conference?

Speaking at a conference can be a challenging task especially for the first time but it is also a good opportunity to get many potential clients and spread your brand but what are some of the tactics that you can follow to prepare for it?

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I have a speak in person speaking engagement. locally here. It’s a business. I need to share that on on social media because I forgot that I didn’t realize, like, you know, they’re talking about their speakers and when I finally like looked at the agenda, know, I think her me and someone else. I’m like, Know what what? So I go to get that ready, and then I’ll have a a good data and I’m gonna have, like, a little of drawing and everything. So I I ordered a few things plenty am on for the time. Rocket book and also. So and some record beacon So. Then I have in October I’ve got a big business hexo expo. gonna have a table set up there too. So then I I’m doing this because I wanted to payer for November. So the november kinda of my my big event. that I’m I’m working towards. So again what are you doing to get the most out of the visitors to your table and your speaking david. I have a haven’t fully decided yet I’ve got where, like, I’m gonna do like, a raffle growing and I’m gonna get their their information so that I can follow up and have my sequence go after to them. And instead of like, just having a little drawing thing, I wondered what it is. big bald bravo rooms, It’s pretty big. I didn’t realize it’s gonna gonna do that it. So We’re that to go? My table says look nice like look at, you know, So i’ve got that. And then I’ve got less of. I I. gonna be huge done in several other things. So So, yeah. So I know you’re using your Codes. Mh okay. Are you doing offline with your Your t codes? offline tracking with Codes. I’m not sure. So For instance, if Like you could. And maybe it’s too late to tell you this. M. like on your pin, you could have. Your biz dot dot cogs slash pin. U. Okay. Yeah. That passes through a U. So that when Google analytics would show up as, hey, this is from the pin Mh. or you could do oh and like to that, because I could set up Code. tracking, and then use pretty lengths to have that that whole tracking code Yeah. it’s not focusing well. Yeah. But. I have on my pin, sorry, there’s a cat Romeo l l eight core dot com slash ten. Now does with exist. Yeah. All that is is a redirect to a T code that goes to my page that looked at Japan and business job. See. I don’t know. I had not thought about that. So so then you know, I think I can go back and his three of my company and she how many people all six of them came as a result of looking at my intent. Mh. Okay. Well I know that Pins were just not a good use of my money. Mh. Yeah. you can do the same thing with like, Thank you visit. visit that that of while you’re speaking, the short Url now you know the heard talk Yeah. Yeah. So well, what I’m doing so oh, say now, I’m talking about the tables so know when we’re at and event I’m speaking, i always do a. drawing there what I’m speaking. and those go into a separate drawing and and something that I have their their information there. So those the ones that So me speaking in like actually you know, took action and and enter my drawing, sell. That’ll be a separate drawing for like a thirty minutes. ask me anything you call. And i think you could think of I don’t know what email it’s system you’re using. Chase me? gmail. Oh, yes. No. I’m sorry. Yes. or for adults for the email, I just as should click. So you could look into using ad roll as a remarketing system And what it can do is target everybody with those email addresses serve up your ads to people with that email address. yeah. to remind them Or even you could give them a coupon and that that kind of level follow them to the Internet. Mh. because you have their email address Yeah. And so you you could have all kinds of cool things like Alright. I want people visit slash ten. Who I don’t have there non yet. To sign up. what only people who have I have email address to get discount. Otherwise they should go to But you can set up an remarketing campaign Thanks, To google Tag manager. really quickly and usually and pretty cost effectively. Mh. What I like about admiral. unlike Google remarketing is that they’ll have a minimum you could start really slow. and oh, you know, always pay for click not impression. and you really squeeze more out of all those people. because you keep your message in front of them even after Okay. So all if I’m speaking in a really big event, I’ll have an campaign trying to get more people to sign up from a email s. did that again? Sometimes when I’m speaking in a big event. Mh. i’ll have. a bunch of people, I have an admiral campaign shut up. that sends people to sign up from my email list. who may haven’t yet. Yeah. Right? So that way. So obviously, let’s let’s ask when I spoke working can’t you. I did don’t do this from Eu, but I could. Leo, a lot of people will visit page I tell him to go to at the end of the compound top. Great Mh. Well, if I I have an campaign inch up. I cooking them and now I can send them ads to say perez Internet. That basically say, hey, don’t forget to sign it for David team though. Hey. Know for David Gmail Doing right here right now while you forget? And now you can get a a few more emails or you can you could give them my discount, like you have a product that you’re selling, you could give them a account incentivize them. two to do to take Okay. But in like in a remarketing tool like ad role, could be a really good thing. Mkay. We’re out of your talks. especially because they’re gonna be people. Yeah. Visiting your site? just to investigate you at the conference we’ll remind them afterwards when they call Mh. Yeah. Hey don’t forget. wanted to do this, You you. You’ve already said you wanted to do it. Right? You’ve already. Yeah. So. Yeah. Okay. I be worth it to get a little bit more out of this. Yeah. Have you created an email marketing plan? So that’s. So that’s my I’m was definitely gonna be doing it on the next queue. I don’t know. I’m trying to do it for the one next friday, but I haven’t Haven’t finished a yet. So. I can I I say this to myself. So I’m preaching to myself right now. Like, when I don’t have a plan of one of an email about mix, I don’t do. Yeah. so I waste all these wonderful email addresses I have because I of what I would like to say Yeah. So it might be worth your time to sit suggest and say, okay, if I could send six emails, once a month for the? I typically have been spending easy weekly, There go. Bye. The last couple of weeks have been just tactic and I haven’t gotten it done. Yeah. So so that is what I have been doing. And typically what I would do is, you know, any anytime I think it something. I would put on my list. I didn’t necessarily have to do it that week, but it was on. So I had several you know, and I I know to a few more offerings. to do. So so you know, I’ll have to After. to see. Maybe I can write something about your new website and your email, learn from my mistake. Yeah. Yeah. Hey, I’ve just I’m just throwing out some of the ideas that I try to use when I get good opportunities like you have Yeah. Make sure I get the most out of it. hope people who give me the email address for Mh Sign up and they’re not just interested in the giveaway. Yeah. Well, and so. So typically, I will have a. And I will by next friday they have like, a an of sequence because two every. Yeah. Thank you for for joining me, thank you for either watching my my feature. Thank you for coming by my table. and from there and then, you know, a couple after that, I’m not for what they’re gonna say right now. But I do I do that and then after they go through the sequence, then they’ll get my weekly email to when I hello Good. Yeah. i I mean, I’m excited for your really good opportunities I I want this to succeed for you. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I I didn’t realize when I signed up for the one that’s next Friday that I was computer the. But I thought there were more speakers. So was like, oh, okay. So so that’s good. But. Yeah. And then the other one I’m doing is just just big business expo. It’s one you’re always. I’ve been in the past and it’s a huge that time in time of people. So. And for that, I’m I’m gonna talk about my google my business, but then also your I’ll probably have, like, my virtual business card and have like, this. Is that special boy. So. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That’s great. I I’m Jealous with all your opportunities. Yeah. So the main reason I’m doing the x so is because I wanna have another event before November. I’m going to that because that’s gonna be my one. Even though like, You. number wise people there, the Expo is bigger, the one in November is like my target on. Right. So so that’s why I mean, it’s it’s it’s more important and say, yeah. I’ve. got all kinds of things I’ve I’ve gotten ordered to get my table and already. So so I have to once I get everything together up to shape i tell it when October. I have my my table and I’ve got all my stuff out. work so Like, yeah. I’m excited. Cool. Bye. oh, i say, I just remembered one of thing that might you might check before you do it. Make sure you’re getting emails from your website forms. I’ve already checked that. So. And makes sure your your go are tracking and google analytics. Okay. Just double check before all this because we’d be a real shame to get a bunch of contacts that we like. So yes. so I’ll tell you I actually went in a couple weeks ago checked my contact form and And there was one that I don’t know that came in. and I didn’t see it, so I did go back and respond, but it was like it it wasn’t too terribly long ago. But I there was. I thought that were numerous in I was like, yeah. I got that responded. I got this. I touch we had a call. We did this. And then there was who’s this. and it was something that just. came in and I I don’t know. I I missed it, but I think I went into So my email account and has set up something that would like flag get when it comes in, so that I then know that it that it came from my form As I said, I wonder if I’ve gotten. shit. well, it was interesting because So I we went my first line that website first with my I had seen much. form spam. It was really ridiculous. And so I have my sights on Hosting, which I really like, they have something called human fried it just like, brings all that. nonsense. And so now, I pretty much only get valid Melody be. Things. I I had recaptured on there as well. I mean Jill coming in. Nope. No. But anyway, Yeah. Okay. Good. Haven’t missed anything. Yeah. Yeah. I need to probably go back and and double check mine. I’ll do that as soon inside. U Yeah. Yeah. So. Yep. do that next. Alright.

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