Facebook Ads: What Changes Do Marketers Need to Know?

One of the most popular PPC platforms right now is Facebook Ads. Here are some of the recent changes.

Automated Transcript:

Well we had a ton of questions submitted okay so I want to make sure we can jump into those


You did go into a Facebook ads.

I was part of a kind of like a webinar and it was very, very brief if you want me to just kind of skim through it just to bullet points on that.

Yeah, that’d be great quick.

Okay, so, um, some of the, the one of the biggest kind of questions that I had was, as far as how the changes because of the privacy and the pit,

And all of that stuff and he said that so far there from I think it was but like the new iOS rolled out earlier this year and that was kind of the start of some things and that they haven’t seen anything yet.

But one of his big things is he for kind of analyzing your Facebook ads.

He doesn’t recommend relying heavily on Facebook analytics because a lot of them could be

Skewed in, not correct.

So, the biggest thing is to, if you’re doing like an ad and you’re sending them to, let’s just say you have a product or service, you want them to buy to set up a separate landing page, just for that Facebook ad and which you could just duplicate like, if you’ve got already got a page for that where you sell it just duplicate it and make a separate thing sales page.

And the only thing you said in there, is that Facebook ad.

And then I think from that,

He didn’t really go up further but I’m kind of thinking from that.

Then you could look at Google analytics maybe I would also use it UTM code to in the ad I personally would just because I like doing that.

And so that’s kind of that pretty much and then I would think from there with Google analytics you could set up your own separate.

Like thank you page and that would be your goal in Google Analytics.

Your thoughts on that David?

Does that sound?

So I I don’t think it has to be that complicated, okay?

Right, if you set up, UTM code to track links off Facebook, you can use the same page that you don’t create a duplicate page because that will be showing up at what I agree.

That’s kind of what I do.

You’re saying to instead of doing the duplicate page, just do the UTM code.

So that’s kind of what I would probably do and that’s kind of what I’ve told people.

But some people think that, that duplicate page, I don’t know.

So how would you tracked from that though?

Like the actual conversion.

So from the UTM you’re seeing your know exactly where they’re coming from to get to that, right?

So then how would you track like the goals, the people that actually bought.

So yeah, exactly.


Oh, in Google analytics, the attribution of the goals should be according to whatever the UTM code is set to, because that’s how that session started.


So let me, let me back up.

So you have a UTM codes.

I haven’t done Bowls yet with the UTM code.

Yeah, you don’t need to do anything different with goals with UTM code because the UTM overrides the session.

And so, the session will follow someone throughout the site, including eventually to a confirmation page.

Okay, I guess I haven’t seen that before.

If you have any examples, I don’t like to see like in the report.

So you’re saying like when you look at your Google analytics and see that where you had like, let’s say 40 Clips on this UTM link, does it then go through and say, I mean like how do you like for the purchase?

It goes through and tells you like a goal, completion.

So all fits all the UTM do is doing is overriding whatever the session starts at

Let’s forget about UTM codes.

Let’s just say we get clicks from our Facebook ad

Google will know that came from Facebook even if you don’t add the UTM code, right?

And then eventually someone clicks, a couple pages and then decide adds to their cart checks out, you can go in and then see that that check out if your goals are set up, right?

Came from your Facebook visit you don’t have to do anything else, that’s because you set up the check out as a goal.

It automatically attributes that check out to the source of the visit so the source won’t just be Facebook.

The Source will be of the of the checkout will be Facebook ad.

Let’s say you called it Facebook ad 1 and then they check out.

So with your regular check out goal it’s going to say this came from Facebook ad one.

Yeah okay.

Okay so I believe

Adding UTM code does is change whatever Google analytics with otherwise call the source of traffic.


So if you knew all your visitors were coming from Facebook to a page, you wouldn’t need to do that but Google analytics would know.

They came from Facebook so you know, but UT I’m codes in this case will help you know, things like which ad, which campaign things like that, which is more

Than Google analytics with no.

Okay, so you’re just giving people analytics more information, basically, use that UTM code to tell what you’re doing, okay?

Okay, and it has the added benefit of not having to create a separate page page content problems in your sight.


And so, that’s kinda was at my original thing.

In my bottom want to create it.

I wouldn’t want to do a separate page just to um so okay.

But a lot of Marketers are telling people, create a separate page that’s because people don’t understand have Google analytics work or down.

He’s you TMK when I say UTM code, it’s like, right?

So, with some people, not everybody, but okay.

So, so that’s the easy way, okay?

So, I’m glad I’ve been using these UTMB.

So they’re more useful than I realized.

One additional thing that I did ask because I was mentioning something to you about.


The like audiences in your say, well, the makes was not grabbing me to do it that, but the pixel doesn’t, but the new privacy stuff is so because of the, the way, the Privacy things are changing Facebook, they’re look alike at audiences.

Used to work really well.

So like you would, you could come and say, okay?

Here’s my email list and import it to Facebook and say, find me a look-alike audience, this very similar in characteristics and and run it to

His people.

Well, evidently now because of the different things.

Facebook has updated.

Some things look alike audiences are not working as well as they used to, because that you look like used to be what you would do.

That’s that’s that.

Was it.

Do I look like audience and, and turn them into a warm Audience by, you know?

So, anyway, so just FYI look like audiences, do not perform as well as they used to.

Now, you’re better off doing something as far as

As like an interest because that’s how I originally started out.

We’re like interest that people had, and it was okay but then the look-alike audiences were so much better.

But now because of privacy stuff, Facebook is not, they’re not performing as well.

So, I mean, it’s totally.

I’ve seen the same with the Facebook ads.

I’m getting served.

Yeah, they are very rarely, we really relevant to me.

Yeah, recently, especially, I don’t know about you.

That’s because of the

Tracking. So we were talking about.

Yeah so the entire West what?

No it’s more Facebook privacy settings.

Facebook’s not being very not as good as it used to be at determining who might be interested in what you have to offer.

When you do a paid Facebook ad, you can set some, you can set an audience, I want them to be male right, over 45 living in South Carolina, with five cats in this household.


Now you’re targeting me because I’m the only male 45 in South Carolina with five cats, but you can then do look-alike audience.

I totally just told everybody, I have way too many cats didn’t I?You do look alike audience and find people who look alike that.

Well, Facebook apparently is not allowing that to happen as much. So you could use to be a better to Target, but now they’re breaking down, which is one of the values of Facebook ads, unfortunately.

And I wonder how related that is to the iOS update to with the not tracking across apps.

Well, that was the question treat, you asked?

Yeah, Facebook gets a lot of their data from like your personal when you fill out your profile things that you post David will post a picture of his CAD.

So they know he has cats, I’ll piss you picture of my exciting and so they know that I have.

I have a rescue dog and I post all kinds of things about rescue dogs.

So like that’s what I get ads on or

A pet and stuff well, in in so they’re using less of that.

I don’t know to what extent, but also, it also had to do with country.

I was reading an article David about, like it used to be, you could, you know, Facebook could filter and only send it to certain countries will something happen where they took something off.

I’m like, well, jeez, you’re in the US and your product or service is only for somebody in the u.s., you don’t want to serve it, add somebody else to Alia.


I think it’s a lot more about what Facebook knows about you because of your browsing habits.

Oh, you’re browsing habits.

You’re posting at different things about you and your friends, your you know, like what you and your friends do are you somebody that goes out to to microbreweries all the time, you know, things like that.

Um, I know, like I remember there’s kind of somebody was saying that

That they had a, their clients and I can’t remember what kind of business it was.

But they found out by evaluating their list that I like more than half the people on the list, like, we’re boat owners and like to go fishing.

So they’re like, well, I’m going to Target these people will.

Now you could have targeted that before on Facebook but now it’s not as accurate Facebook.

I don’t as something about the way the Privacy is

Or not.

The ads aren’t as accurate at getting to those people as they used to be because the price well thank you for that update.

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