All the cool kids are podcasting these days. Can podcasting help (or hurt) your SEO efforts. That’s one of the topics we talk about in this week’s Office Hours.

Before we talk about podcasting, participants asked a couple other questions…

Should you use the word “blog” in the URL for your blog?

Blogging is very important for SEO so this is a common question when setting up a new website but the answer changes if the website has already been launched. The short answer: it doesn’t matter for SEO, but might matter for other reasons. When does it matter? The video goes into why you might want to setup your blog within it’s own “directory” on your website.

This is related to podcasting and SEO- especially where you put your podcasts on your website. Keep reading (or watch the video) for more.

What do you do about a “Coverage Issue Detected” email from Google?

Google Search Console is doing a much better job notifying website owners when Google encounters a problem with a website. In this case, the website owner received a 5xx error on their site. Should we panic? No. All you need to do is:

  1. Check your website to make sure the issue is still valid. Sometimes Google has a “hiccup” (or your site does) that might send an error that isn’t still a problem. The video shows you how to check this.
  2. If the problem persists (or keeps returning) review the guidelines on what you should do about 5xx errors on your website.

How should you embed a podcast on your website?

How you embed a podcast (or any media, such as a video) on your website could affect your page speed. That could be working against your SEO efforts. Be sure you check the solution you’re using to make sure it’s not working against you.

Here’s some suggestions for embedding a podcast on your website based on an article from a participant.

There are several other opportunities to consider, when it comes to SEO and podcasting. In other words, there are several ways a podcast could help your SEO efforts. The video explains some opportunities relating to content generation and link building.

Should you be concerned about Mobile Usability Warnings in Google Search Console?

As part of the regular process, I recommend you check Google Search Console every week. If you do this you might see an occasional warning about your mobile pages, that seems to go away a couple days later. It’s annoying but nothing to be concerned about. I offer some suggestions in the video.

Should you be concerned about warnings about your schema in Google Search Console?

When it comes to schema, you should only worry about “errors” in Google search console. That’s telling you something needs to be fixed. A “warning” means that you’re overlooking optional features of schema. You can decide whether or not to add those features but don’t be concerned that something is wrong, if you see an schema “warning” on your website. Google is using confusing phrasing here.

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