How to locate an Email server?

Living a life without the mailman back in the day would have been challenging. An Email server does the same job except it’s virtual, but sometimes It’s necessary to know where it is!

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But have that issue with email with the try when the site launched, and I’m trying to figure out so Basically, I know if they have G sweeter, Microsoft, three sixty five. That is a smooth transition. I just copy them back and all the records of Dns, and it works. It’s when it doesn’t use one of those and it uses like their host or something and I have problem. And I’m trying to figure out how possibly looking at the D. The Mx records could tell me And I thought that I could do that but some of them wait for canceled It says Google. And next record so in as G suite. But I looked at some others that I know or do sweet not google. And then you look at something that I know we’re Office three sixty five, And there’s something completely different i’m like that, jeez. I don’t that was because I wanted to be able to sometimes when you ask client, they don’t necessarily No one understands your question. So might answer, and it might not be the correct. Well, let me. tell you what I learned, I don’t wanna steal the thunder of your of speaker. But if it’s same speaker I heard, this is the that he introduced me to. Mh. Yeah. Now, I’ve been with that. Okay. And so we because we’re talking about email. We wanna go to immense record. Right? Mh. It’s so on, for example, reliable acorn is on Google on Suite. towards workspace. So I could do It’ll always be to sweet for me. I. So. Okay. So, yeah, Yours is google. So right. Okay. There But email and curious hands is not. Okay. So let’s see what says. So in protection inquire. That is. So what is what do you know one that’s running off? Alright. of or Office three sixty five I don’t right now. Yeah. Short will, try this. And see. I try l a n e. k a r l o And that’s it. dot com? That’s where I used to work. So okay. So here’s the thing. And this is what I thought because I looked them up to this is the attorney’s office I used to work when ended that they have that But I think reflects is their I don’t know the word for it, but it’s some in between that they’re able to, like, spam checks. Okay. So here my well I know happens to be outlook. Okay. See, yes, So it’s sounds to me in if this is a very in anecdotal study. Yeah. Sounds to me that if it’s three sixty five up Microsoft three sixty five the mx under normal circumstances is gonna say outlook. dot com. Yeah. I think I’m unless the thing use a lot of financial people that use three fifty five have an additional security layer Right. I’m. One one I had given you and I knew to reflect the on I can’t remember exactly what it’s called. But when I had email there, that was a a thing that we had to go to and it would it would go in and Damn. Yeah. Or you know, what I’m talking about. it it was an security layer. that they need it M. Okay. This is like a ransom where kinda. Yeah. It. Yeah. So I I think a tool like what is what what’s my Something can help us there this down. Yeah. it will give us a better idea. So if we see outlook, we know it’s my Google, we know we don’t. questions for. Otherwise, then you probably need to figure out with the clients Before you do it, Right. Yeah. needs to be questions further. Yeah. Okay. the this story you told about you know, doing the reader reacts and and breaking the email is not the first time I’ve done that good. Yeah. And maybe part of the process of transitioning domains is to run this on the impact record before you do it, So you can yeah. The the problem that I had was. So I I think I don’t know. I have can’t remember what I had how much I had detailed gotten into you about before. But where I ran into the issue is that the the previous host, like, they had a whole see panel there, which they still have and when I’m it’s broke. I got it to come into you, Cpu was getting email, but it would not then go back out to gmail because they were getting it in a host and then sending it to Gmail. we gmail getting into the mailbox that way. Yeah. And so the thing one that I don’t like that because it’s not a secure gmail. You And and it was more expensive. So I I talked to the client we did change the g suite, which made it easier. However, I did learn that you there is. evidently a thing where some people can have signed up for three personal Google account with a business email and When that happens, you can’t set up your google workspace account. you have to. You have to go. I mean, it’s took forever to figure out I now know how to do it. Yeah. but that made it complicated normally, like second, used to wait on michael, yeah. I can do that no problem. It was difficult. but it was because of that, so I had two issues on it. So anyway, so. Yeah. Well. I think at least this process will help us narrow it down. Yeah. to be able to ask more questions? Yes. Definitely. Definitely. which gets us less like you know, because sometimes when we’re doing this stuff, it’s about minimizing risk never able to cut it out from Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That’s a tough question. I was actually surprised when that slide when live went live pretty quickly. I used on that one I use pla pathways cloud layer in pathways ways. And it was rather quick. Getting live. but it was, the send the email that’s and I will say i’ve dealing with the previous host was that fine. Yeah. So side you too. Think we just to summarize, we just talked about, We’re talking about how to determine the email server is, you know what site migration.

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