WordCamp Birmingham, AL 2023

It was great to meet you at the SEO Workshop at WCYall! Here are some resources from that talk that can help you.

By the way, here’s the presentation.

Google Analytics Study Group

Now that you’ve got Google Analytics installed on your website, what can you do with it? All the reports can be overwhelming and confusing! How can you make heads or tails of it?

The best way is through Google’s free Google Analytics Certification. I’ve taken it every year for the last decade (or so) and highly recommend it.

Starting February 12th, I’ll host another study group to help people earn their Google Analytics Certification. You’re welcome to join us! Learn more about and signup for the Google Analytics Study Group.

The Google Analytics Certification is a great way to show clients your expertise. It’s something you can proudly showcase on your website.

Even if you don’t want to earn the certification, this is a great way to understand what Google Analytics offers.

Keyword Research Process

Since we also covered keyword research, I wanted to give you free access to the Curious Ants keyword research process. This process includes a step-by-step guide and video documentation. It’s a great way to remember how to do keyword research the next time you need to do it.

To access the keyword research process, you must sign up for a free Curious Ants account.

Special Deal on Curious Ants

Since you want to learn more about SEO, let me encourage you to continue your education by joining The Colony at Curious Ants.

Curious Ants is not a course but a process you can follow. That means you can learn SEO while you’re doing SEO. On top of that, with The Colony, you get access to weekly Office Hours. In that, you can ask your specific questions and learn from the other participants’ questions too.

If you’d like to participate in The Colony, I’ll offer you a special discount. I’ll give you a 17% discount and one month free if you pay for six months. You must begin by the end of February 2023.

Use this code to signup, to receive the discount: WCYALL2023