Hello, my name is…

I’m the mascot for Curious Ants. I help people learn how to do search engine optimization with hands-on experience- rather than lessons to later forget.

Could you help me find my name?

Since I don’t have a name yet, I’d welcome your suggestions. In fact, if your suggestion is selected, you will win a $100 gift card from Amazon. Just use the form, below, and suggest a name.

Here’s some information that might help you come up with something creative:

Why am I an ant?

Ants are hard working creatures. That’s what it takes to be successful at SEO. Done right, there are no quick and easy solutions to marketing your business on the search engines. Instead, you need to work hard and keep working at it.

What makes me so “curious”?

SEO is always changing. There’s always something new to learn. Google sometimes changes the rules or their algorithm, so we need to keep sharp by keeping up with all the changes. To be successful at a search marketing campaign, you need to be curious enough to ask questions and willing to change. SEO isn’t just about hard work- you need to be curious and willing to learn.

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If David chooses the name you suggest (and you’re the first person to make that suggestion) you will win a $100 gift card from Amazon.

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