Get Recurring Income From Google Analytics

Recurring income is the key to a successful web design or development company. One of the easiest ways to get regular income is with Google Analytics. Here’s what you need to do to get more income through Google Analytics.

How does Google Analytics generate recurring income?

We will use several reports to show clients that their website is generating money for them. When they see that a website generates revenue, it’s no longer an expense but an investment in their business. That’s money they can spend with you! If they see their website in this way, they will be willing to spend more money on it.

How you can use Google Analytics to generate income for your web design and development company?

Follow these steps to setup the Google Analytics reports:

  1. Setup Google Analytics on your clients’ websites.
    1. Why? A website isn’t a passive marketing strategy. It should do something. Google Analytics allows you to see how people are coming to your website and shows it’s accomplishing something. Therefore, the website is more valuable to your clients- as they will learn from their Google Analytics.
    2. How? There are a lot of guides out-there that can show you how to add Google Analytics to a website. Here’s a good place to start. Tip: I recommend you only use Google Universal Analytics (not GA4) at this time. If you want more tips about setting up Google Analytics, you can view them in Curious Ants.
  2. Setup Goal/Conversion tracking on your clients’ websites.
    1. Why? The real value of a website isn’t that it exists, or even “ranks“. The value is that it produces customers. Goal tracking is how you can measure how many customers have come from the website.
    2. How? It’s hard to write one guide on how to track conversions on a website- since every website is different. Here’s a good place to start. For specific tips, take a look at the guide to setup Google Analytic conversions from Curious Ants.
  3. Setup a weekly Google Analytics dashboard
    1. Why? This report is designed to help you catch problems on your client’s website before they do. If you can tell them about the problem (before they notice or even if they never notice) you can provide value (i.e.: charge them for the time) by fixing the problem on their website. If you have a website maintenance plan, this reiterates the value of that pan by your being proactive. You might even be able to talk them into a larger maintenance plan.
    2. How?
      1. Click this link to receive a copy of the dashboard.
      2. Associate it with your client’s Google Analytics account.
      3. Modify things unique to the client’s website in the report:
        1. Their website’s name (under the self-referring traffic)
        2. The title to their 404 page (under 404 errors)
      4. Schedule this to be sent to yourself each week. Review it to see if there are any problems and contact your client accordingly.
      5. Repeat this for each of your clients. Heck. Do it for your website too.
      6. Find out more tips about setting up a weekly SEO dashboard on Curious Ants.
  4. Setup a monthly report from Google Analytics
    1. Why? This will not only be a monthly (automatic) reminder to your clients that their websites are accomplishing something valuable for their business, but a monthly reminder that you’re able to help. Then, next time they want a new website, they understand that it’s making them money- and might be able to pay you more for their website.
    2. How?
      1. Click on this link to get a copy of the Monthly Report template for Google Data Studio.
      2. Make a copy of this for your own use: click the three dot icon (upper-right) and “Make a copy”
      3. Associate this copy with your client’s Google Analytics account.
      4. Use Google Data Studio to send this to your client (and yourself) at the beginning of every month.
      5. Repeat this for each of your clients’ websites. Do it for your own website, as well.
      6. Find out more about this monthly SEO report on Curious Ants.

If you’re having trouble with any of these steps, we might have covered it in our Office Hours. Use the search bar (at the top-right of this page) to find some help.

How can I generate recurring income?

While these reports can help you get more income from your existing clients, that doesn’t necessarily mean recurring income. To earn a regular income, we want your clients to see that their website generates not only traffic but also customers. When they learn their website can accomplish this for them, we want them to ask us, “Can I get more?”

“Yes, you can!” And that’s where you offer them your SEO services!

“But I don’t know anything about SEO,” you say to yourself. “Besides, SEO is confusing and frustrating! Not only do I have to keep up with Google’s constant changes, but I have to weed through all the contradictory advice out there!”

That’s where Curious Ants can help! We will teach you SEO while you do it. With Curious Ants, you can provide SEO services to your clients while we coach you on the specifics for your clients’ (and even your own) website. There’s no limit to the number of websites you can use with Curious Ants- so why not offer SEO to all your clients- and generate that valuable recurring revenue at the same time?

If you’ve followed these steps (above), you’ve already started. Now, let’s continue to get more for your clients by providing them with SEO services!

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