Weekly Virtual Co-Working

When you’re left to do your SEO campaign alone, it is easy to get distracted by other things and postpone your marketing efforts. I’ve got a plan to help!

Starting the week of August 16th, Curious Ants will set up an hour each week when paid members can work together. Rather than talk about SEO or ask questions (like we do for our weekly Office Hours), we’re getting together online to get work done. You can think about this as virtual co-working.

What we hope to get out of this:

  1. Progress on your SEO campaign. You’ll be surprised what you can accomplish by simply dedicating an hour to your SEO campaign each week.
  2. Encouragement from the other members of Curious Ants. SEO does not always have immediate gains, so the support of your fellow members can help in the meantime.
  3. The self-satisfaction of your hard work.
  4. Hopefully, a little momentum. You might even want to keep working after the hour is up!
  5. More traffic and customers from your SEO campaign. There’s nothing more motivating than success!

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Join Curious Ants at any of our paid memberships.
  2. We’ll find an hour each week that we’ll each dedicate to working on our SEO campaign. Sure, you would get more if you spend more than an hour each week, but 1 hour is better than hoping to get to it someday.
  3. You’ll set a goal for yourself (which step of the process you want to accomplish or what other marketing tactic you want to work on) and share it with the group. Focus is key. Try to accomplish one thing in each session.
  4. We will meet online at the agreed-upon time and get to work. We’ll do this on Zoom (even if we aren’t talking) to hold each other accountable for getting things done.
  5. In the last five minutes, we’ll each share what we were able to accomplish and celebrate our success.

In the meantime, there are other ways you can propel your SEO campaign:

  1. Organization is key to a successful SEO campaign. In the main SEO process, I have a spreadsheet that will help you keep up with what you need and recommend you use Trello to manage your tasks.
  2. If you’re signed in, you can always ask questions or get clarification at the bottom of every process.
  3. Ask me a question over Twitter. Sometimes I will even answer your question on YouTube.
  4. If you’re a member of the Colony, you can submit a question for Office hours.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Have a question about this process? Ask it here: