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Google made an recent announcement about the Core Web Vitals update that you should know about.

Last week (the middle of April 2021) Google announced another delay in the release of the Core Web Vitals update. We talk about this delay and several options to improve your WordPress website’s scores in this week’s office hours.


I was learning some more about sites being. Oh, yeah, because now David tell us a little bit. So Google has as you had predicted given us more time on the whole rollout for what the core web violence. Right? Right. So as of Monday Google made an announcement about the core web vitals that is not ruling out in May. Is now rolling out. for some websites in mid-june with the hope of all websites by August and I also went to your When you recommend it jet boost. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that is that you can’t put it on your live site that suggest you don’t and so they throw out the one point something so I tried it on one of my staging sites, which is that an error. So I had to so it’s a it’s a common area which was like by Era 500 is out on the site. I’m sorry David. I don’t mean to cut you off. No, I just remembered that when she mitches. Speed and I was like, yeah, I did try that last week, but you can’t put it on your list suggest that you do not put it on your live site yet. So literally this morning I read that they released 1.0. Oh, okay. I got to go back out there because I think you’re right. You shouldn’t put it on until they’re confident and I thought I’ve read this morning that they are confident and it’s okay remind me. It’s jetpack wet boots. I was confused. I when you said that I was thinking of what’s the other one David? Just crappy old jet pack. No not jetpack the other one to help site speed. Oh, you know the oh the one everybody’s using before core web vitals something packs Nitro pack, so I’m not heard of this. I never heard of that one. Either not have Okay, so well before I tell you about it, like there’s a lot of controversy some people love it and some people hate it and I Couldn’t decide which really field side. I’m on cuz I feel like I don’t know enough about it. But after I went to a presentation Tuesday, I think that I am going to err on the side of not using it and basically what it does is it my understanding is and Nitro pack is the name it will move all the scripts down. So Google doesn’t read them first. Does that Make sense David with endlich’s up. And so but the problem some people have is when you do that, it could mess your site up. So it doesn’t look right so you have to really be careful. So that’s the first one and then also it’s like $13 a month. If you do they have a free but I don’t recommend you doing this because it has a big banner across the bottom of your screen with their information. If you do a free to Don’t Do It free but then Kind of look at it as like well $13 a month to have that maybe if I’ve got a gazillion websites I would do it but I almost think that like it’s better to fix the problem. So that’s where I fall but I know a lot of people who love it and use it. So what I said, then I’m need to go back through my website and cuz I the presentation on Tuesday was going through Ooh GT metrics and kind of how to read it and what to look at. So if this score looks like this then check this and one of the things that they mentioned was like you were saying hashing David did a lot of people they put caching things on their site, but they have too many and they conflict so you think you’ve got caching setup, but you’ve got conflicting plugins caching and then it’s messing up so it’s really not cashing and all that and as you can tell I really don’t know what I’m talking about. Enoch Something like that happened to me too. Because one of the plugins I didn’t realize what the caching plug-in but it told me that I had conflicting plugins. So I just want one. Yeah, we didn’t you. All right. Yeah, I am gonna definitely go back and look at my Jeep and I think for that I think we talked about this a while ago that GT metrics has moved to a pro version and you can get a little bit from the regular but I think for what we need for to find out where the issues are. Our is to go to the pro version possibly. I don’t know. I haven’t looked at it enough. I might be wrong because I’m thinking of more like when I look at it, it tells me desktop but mobiles usually my problem. So I don’t know what you got. So so so first there’s a lot going on here. Number one. Remember Google is evaluating or mobile versions oversight exclusively. They are not looking at the desktop version anymore. Right? So let you know we are typically looking at the mobile version of our site and we’re typically on broadband and we’re sites typically are fast. And so it we ask ourselves. What’s the real problem here? Google’s not. Evaluating our websites based on the desktop. It’s looking at the mobile version. So always remember that to remember Google’s ranking factors are going to be the Three core web vitals. Yes, not speed speed is an over simplification of the what core web vitals. And so if you get your website to run fast, you still could fail the core web vitals. And so moving your scripts around stuff like that will definitely improve your speed because you know, it doesn’t have to low but it can also break your site. So there’s hummingbird which is a another WordPress plug-in that does the same thing is WP rocket is another WordPress plug-in WP rocket but I like WP rocket a lot. I need to get it and I don’t remember what I did if I was not that funny. No, I have a paid version but I don’t remember if I set it up and how much I went through, you know, like it starts asking you questions and I’m just like I don’t know. Yeah, but I said but there’s lots of options like this that don’t have to add a banner to the bottom of your site which is unacceptable in my book. Yeah. Well and that’s the free version so for nitrogen unacceptable don’t give me all the features, but that’s that’s terrible. Yeah, and that’s that’s what I when I said, I’m like, nope that notes. That’s just Bag don’t work with them what let’s not lose sight of the page experience issue or trying to solve. Yes pagespeed is part of that but it is not all of it. That’s why I’m very optimistic about the jetpack boost because it can take care of the other page experience things and it’s designed for the three. Experience things okay. So there’s a report in Google search console that is trying to reiterate this to us. I just added it to the weekly audit review process. So I know you’re all looking at that process every week. It’s updated so you can now look and see one of the things I’m recommending is always check that at that page be experienced the page experience report in search in Google analytics. Is that something new they added its appearance in search console not analytics, but yes, yes like a brand-new and if it is it tells you are are you passing the core web bottles? It shows you how well I have a client. This was great. I think I’ve expressed to you that I have a client that I’m fighting Engineers on a daily basis to get this fixed. There is a report that shows when they’re paid when they’re got a good score their Impressions go up in Google when they lose their good score their Impressions go down and Google when they made a big Improvement their Impressions went up and Google. It’s like see I didn’t say that. I said look at all your good work and what it’s doing. Right because it is they put this time and effort into the core web vitals and Google’s rewarding them for it before even this is released. And what it’s called, is it experience page experience? Yeah page experience. Okay, that’s okay, but it does other things to it tells you about your mobile friendly score. It tells you that make sure your everything’s on https. Mine doesn’t it says not enough data cool, and that’s what I got. Okay, give it some time like maybe I have enough traffic for it. Checking so but let’s so don’t get caught into arguments over pagespeed. Yeah, it goes really wanting page experience and they have been very very specific on what good page experience looks like and that’s the Three core web bottles. Yeah, and that’s actually what on on Tuesday when I was at that other thing. They were talking about GT metrics they were talking about All of them not just paid search page speed and that’s I think one of the things why the person is talking said he wasn’t a fan of nitro pack. That was just only paid speak as I’ve seen so many people talk about. Oh, this is wonderful. This is wonderful and I’m like, yeah, so okay. Was that a little link that you were telling me about? Yeah, and I told you posted on YouTube sometime in the next week or so, but I’m going to go back through it and look at my notes because it kind of helps it because I Hard time with I understand parts of Duty metrics, but then there’s some parts where I am like, okay, I need more what what’s the next step once I see this and so that’s what he kind of was looking at. So you have it shakes. Its you send it to me. I’ll check again to see if it’s up because I think I’ve got one from last week. That’s probably going to be up today sometimes and then after that one came later, so it might take a week or so, but once I can see it’s there. I’ll let you know because I want to go back and test it out on my page just go through and say okay. This is what I what GT metric says. So, you know do some chain, you know, see what it says see what it says is not good because he was on also should like where you can go in GT metrics and where it says there’s something about a cash you pull up a screen and it’ll say cash and I’ll say hit which is good fertile. Say Miss which is bad. So it says miss you need to fix something. You’re cashing. Interesting. Yeah, he was like going and then then someone else pulled there’s up and they were like and it had something else. It wasn’t Hit or Miss but it was something else and he’s like, so that’s not pulling up correctly for your cash. So you’re caching is something’s not right. So and that’s all in GT metric. So that’s a lot of stuff than Duty metrics that I don’t understand need to learn more about do it. What I like about pagespeed is something to work on is that regardless of your marketing efforts Pages going to help if you’re focusing on social so much as social media is consumed on mobile that speed is affect. Our ain’t nobody’s waiting for your To do self-made Spinners on Pinterest if your website slow, right but good like so that’s worth your time. But let’s not. Yeah. Well, we’re trying to focus on data driving our Resort resources right where we’re not just going and following Rumours were using data to say oh this is worth our time in this is a priority and and hey, we only got so much time to do. So rather than follow rumors. We’re using data to say oh this is a priority for us. And I think you’re all doing that really well and that’s paying off for you because you’re focusing on what’s the most important thing are we getting new customers? And how are we getting them? Let’s double down and what’s working and let’s not be distracted by everybody’s favorite Plug-In or whatever if it’s not a priority. Yeah, and that’s another thing too is having too many plugins. Sometimes it’s there’s always a plug-in for that. But is it overall? Is it good to have right? Yeah one more way for one more thing to go out of date and get it back and more thing to slow things down one more extra instance of jQuery on your website that you don’t need because someone just crappy designer.

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