Image Optimization and Page Speed Improvements (10/28/2020)

We’re still talking about improving page speed, this week, with a focus on images, plugins, and bench-marking.

This week, in Office Hours, we continued to work through page speed improvements. We not only discussed several WordPress plugins that might help improve your speed, but some services as well.

Of course, it’s no good to try to improve your page speeds without doing some bench-marking first. That’s one of the more important parts of the process for speed improvement in Curious Ants. If you measure things before and after, you’ll start to look at what works (or what doesn’t) so you can learn more and apply your lessons to other pages as well.

Of course, a conversation about page speed will be incomplete without talking about image optimization. We talk about strategies and services that can help improve your images on your website (both for speed and SEO).

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