How Would Google React if it Found Two Web Pages with the Same Content?

When Google comes across multiple pages with very similar content, they typically index only one, ignoring the rest.

Automated Transcript:

okay well let’s let’s address your question Trisha.

Okay, so and so my question is basically I am working on a website and they’ve got they’re going to have like six product pages and the but they have one primary product that

Is basically 90% of their sales and that’s what they want.

The focus and they basically want like when you go to the homepage they don’t want.

Like usually the way I would do that is like some information on the homepage and kind of like mine is where it has like would have six like little call-outs and have, you know, the different products and then say, you know, about them and then learn more about each one.

And then, of course, it’d be in the menu.

But on this one, we’re going to be doing about the back there, man.

Product have it kind of above those like the very you know front and center on the homepage.

But I still want to have.

I feel like because it’s so important.

You know, they do other things but I want to also have it as a product page for SEO because the homepage is one thing.

But usually the other pages are you would use it to do some other stuff.

So I don’t I’m not sure.

So is it?

Okay, to have it like they’re in the home page and then I have the same text in another separate page.

Is that making sense?


So you want to duplicate the same text on the homepage is on a separate page?

Hmm, you want to duplicate?

Yes, the same content to New Media pages.

So they’re the same content on two pages.


What would Google do if they saw two pages, it would probably do virtually the same card?

Want the one that that doesn’t perform as well.

How does Google know perform in terms of what for Google?

I don’t know.

People go into it, you really.


So that’s, that’s the important question, right?

So, yeah, you’re right.

Google will ignore one of them, right?

Especially if this same.

Ain’t ya.

Now in Google, what Google thinks is successful or Works isn’t necessarily what our standard of work.

It’s right.

Because this is selling a product and one of them converts a lot better than the other.

In Google search, the Google Franklin doesn’t care.

You convert.

If your customers convert, they care about things like click-through rate and declare about things other things that they’re using to judge, which is the better page that might not be what you see, so they could pick the wrong page.

And so that’s why we want to tell Google which page to get to.

So in this case,

there’s so much in this question, right?

There’s there’s clients are always right but frequently wrong.


That is just like the whole Mantra.

That clients always right is baloney, it’s wrong.

We are experts.

We know it’s best for them.

And if we just capitulate to them, then we are commodity and they can pay us Pennies on the dollar still, I charge a good amount and my clients still don’t take my advice, okay?

I’ve said my case you gotta pay me, whether or not, you take my advice and I can document things like conversion rate, right?

And I can say, people who land on this page.

No one’s landing on this page because it’s same content.


Or God forbid their lending on the wrong page, not converting because the thing with homepage is is home pages or more of like, here’s our company, get to know us.

Yeah, see who this people are establishing credibility.

What this company is about.

It’s not always set up for buying out.

Now, it should have a call to action.


Oh yeah, yeah, yes.

But and so.

So landing pages.

Interior Pages.

Typically are less distracting, they have to cover, less ground, it could be more direct someone lands on that interior page and says great.

This is what I want by.

Okay homepage is so many things distracting you because you’re going to say who

We are how long, you know, what’s our, what’s our credibility Factor, we do more than just this one thing, those can be distracting.

And so, so can interior Pages tend to convert better and so I would want Google to serve.

That’s yeah, if I understand your question correctly.

Could she like, she can still put the product on the front page?

But maybe not put all of the content about the

Product on that front page.

Maybe have a link clicking to the.

That’s what I tried.

That’s what I had tried and I will they don’t like that.

Oh or you just write different content.

Completely unique content on the internet.

Yeah, it’s a little hard because it’s not.

It’s it’s not, I don’t know.

I can I can try to rework it some yeah well I would put it through grammarly and do a plagiarism check just to see

That you’re, you know, try to make it as unique as possible.

Yeah, yeah.

Nice thing about an interior Pages, you can blow it out with like hundreds of words of content.


It’s a lot harder because typically Your Design constraints in your home page or a lot harder to put a lot of words.

Yeah, and so so it’s a very least, do your client a solid and write each page uniquely.

Okay, so, okay.

And then in the best circumstance in this kind of changes, right?

But I think right now the current fashion is Google’s only giving one website.

Per query but sometimes Google will let you have two listings for the same search result.

And then then under those rare, circuit sites, like Google will change the algorithm.

And be like, okay, now we’ll get be willing to give you two listings as your website into pages and websites.

So relevant to this thing, that’s the best-case scenario where you get two listings in for a search query.

Yeah, because you have to good relevant pages, but if you set up your eCommerce then you can show that.

Hey, I did you a solid.

I stopped two pages.

Look at how much better.

This is can.


And I would like to then we could take that out to redesign rather than do what.

Now then you can have data to present to the client, right?

It’s a tricky situation where I think some other stuff going on.

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