How to Setup GA4 on your Website

Soon Google will be transitioning from Universal Analytics to GA4. Now’s the time to prepare for this!

Although GA4 (by Google’s admission) is not quite ready to use, it’s time to start collecting data. Since GA4 is quite a transition, you should start setting it up today. Here’s some things you need to know to start collecting GA4 data.


Have you gotten to the point with Jay for were you know if it’s picking up data went you install it on us? I so ga for good question. Yeah, II really I think now I’m not too concerned about like using it. I just want to mix know how to set it up and collect data so that when it switches I’m ready and I’ve got that. Yes, so couple things I’ve learned about ga4. Pardon me number one the the Wizard in Google analytics, which is encouraging you to set up a profile for j4 and prepare for it. Is really good. But okay, you still have to add GA for tracking code to every page of your site. Okay, that is something I thought was left unclear in the Wizard. And so I went to the process set up the profile. I looked and there was no data can use it you can separately can you do that with tag manager? Yes, you can that’s okay good. So another good reason to use Tag manager is because it is a totally different Google analytics code. And if you go into add it to your site through tag manager, it knows the code it all it needs to know is your ID pop it in there go okay, and you can be running two versions of the Google analytics code. Now another thing that’s a little confusing about Google analytics for Which we will all have to move to probably within the next year. So you might as well start collecting data now. Yeah, I wanted to wanted dad to be there right but if there are no views there is only a profile or not. It’s property property not profile property. Okay, so it’s whether with with universal analytics the current version of Google analytics, you have the account property and the view we’ve talked a lot about that. Yeah, you only have a count property. Okay one question now, so I have used Google tag manager, but I’m not quite very familiar with it. When you say you go into Google tag manager and just plug it in. Do you have something in the Game plan that gives more specific about that to make sure I do it right. I did not add that because there’s lots of great resources publicly available. I had a moment. Okay, and I mostly wanted the game plan to give you tips and tricks on how to use them. Right? Okay way I would recommend if you’re using WordPress is set up the site kit plugin. Yes, I have that and then use the site kit plug-in to use Google tag manager. Okay, and then go into Google tag manager and from within Google tag manager. Add your Google analytics code. Okay resume. I know I’ve got that for you a universal analytics. Oh and now have to do it for j4, right? And I think I just I I remember when I was doing And it for Google analytics it’s been a while but I want to say like there was a process for adding it and I want to make sure I said I’ll look up some instructions on that that it what it’s pretty straight. Well, I don’t want to say it’s pretty straightforward. Hell I had that’s that’s frustrating when someone says it’s pretty straightforward when you burn that I’ve learned. Oh, yeah. Yeah. It’s still a little intimidating. So Why don’t I make a note to myself? To work to do this as part of the process just so we have it all in there. Okay it once you’re familiar with tag manager and their nomenclature, you know what they call things and it’s like oh adding Google analytics whether it’s Universal or VGA for is really easy. But as with a lot of things there’s there’s one way to do it. And there’s the way the do it to make yourself make your life a little easier in the future. Yeah that yeah, that’s what it because I think when I went in there and was working with it, I was like, I think I did it. I don’t know if I did it right though. So well, okay, just like regular Google Universal Analytics. GA for has real time visitors to as there is that’s the way to confirm whether or not it’s live right you go in and you look and you crawl your you walk through your site and you watch yourself in GA Google. Sorry in GTA 4 is real-time metrics, so It yeah, we still could use. What is it called fight site kit? Yes, I kick so we can still use that. Do you happen to know if it works the with? Google analytics for like it does with universal Google analytics. It doesn’t yet. Okay, but I would recommend even if it eventually does I would still recommend using tag manager to serve your Google analytics for in your sight now many many people might not Ever need the advanced features of tag manager. But if you ever do you’re going to be glad you did it and since it’s a one and done kind of thing to do it, right and then in five years from now if you want to do some advanced stuff a one less step to have to worry about plus, you know, tag manager is a very light element so it don’t really add page speed some of these might but take managers a good job. So yeah, I think I’m gonna make sure I understand so when I have psychic it on my site and I have that I add Google tag manager to that and then I’m going into Google tag manager and adding my analytics my ga for anything. Okay like Facebook. Okay. Okay, basically pixels Link in pixels. Yeah, okay. Yeah, any tracking themes, excuse me, will you be getting two different reports when you set up Google analytics and ga4 so you you will you will have to look at the data from Universal analytics in a different location than you will see the data from ga4. They won’t it won’t double your traffic because they’re collecting it using two different codes. Okay. So right now my next steps with j4r, how do you create the dashboards? We look at every week in GA for yeah. Yeah, right because it’s going to be very different. I I suspect they might use Google data Studio to do it there. See ya you some suggestions that they’re moving all the ports and just data Studio. I might take some time and figure that one out. But I don’t know about Jay for yet. I still haven’t been I’ll figure it out is tracking conversions. Hmm and you know how important that is, right? What good is all the work for marketing? If we don’t know if it’s paying off in an objective way. So like we need to make sure we have this conversion. So that’s probably the big reason why I’m not recommending people move to it yet. Yeah definitely but Google is kind of talking out of both sides of their mouth. They’re saying very set it up and then you keep reading. This is we’re not quite ready yet like Matches against at least as long as we said it up to start getting the data.

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