How to optimize your forms?

Optimizing forms can be crucial sometimes, especially when you are no longer a small online business, but how do you do it?

Automated transcript:

work with another client of mine recently And when we started working together, He had this incredibly long form because he wanted to get all the information you could get a quote to come to his people. Right? Yeah. We actually set up tracking and we could show him that Mh Although, like, twenty five percent people would get to the second page. yeah. Almost no like it’s a third page little loan submit Mh. And so we said, listen, you just get started why are we just making very super simple form And then you can call and ask these questions. set to talk about rather than make them do the dirty work of do your job for you And so we changed the form and made it very, very simple. which then started getting more leads because it was a lot lower barrier. Well, let me got to the point though is getting you too many leads. Yeah. and I like what way of listed pause moment. This is a good thing right? Like two many people contacting you. Yeah. once we established that was a good successful thing. yeah they started making the form a little more exclusive Yeah. Right. And we added things like, what’s your budget? and we started the budget a bit of a budget started high. immediately, you just qualified people who just had very low budgets. Great. Yeah. You’re just qualified. You don’t work. Don’t the bother contact be by this phone. Okay. Great. So the quality of the lease with up but the volume was down, but it was worth it. now the lanes were much better leads Whereas in the first because it was so complete, he couldn’t get any leads Yeah. really interesting. And so we they we’ve open the gates. I got too many and we dialed back. And now he’s getting really quality leads that are really good businesses. Even though the number isn’t this great, Yep. That’s all day long. Will take better leads over more lease, any day. because more laser are really a time oyster if they’re not good leads. Yeah. that’s how we kind of optimize this form because we didn’t wanna waste his time We didn’t wanna waste the customer’s time making them have fill up six page form because no one was doing. and like, that’s kind of that. optimization of, you know, conversion rate optimization kind of thing where It got. we wanna have a conversion but what to maximize that but we also to maximize quality two but sometimes quality affects quantity and we can get Says quality leads, we never getting them any number of lanes and like this out of good leads to for asking too much. Yeah. Yeah. I’m gonna take a look that. That’s that’s I like that first. to kinda you can just that’s what little little bit. Right? Like we can take down some barriers and then then put up some pre as necessary. I I recommend for everyone one of my new clients that we take off is much of the forms we can and collect a bare minimum information. because we we are at no place to start disco disclose were starting. Mh. And then when they complain that they’re getting too many poor quality, that is the point that which we wait the floor. But remember and just kinda goes back to what we started today. The key is getting focused on the leads. is if we’re talking about the quality leads, that’s what I want spend my time talking I don’t wanna someone time have my rick. Yeah. Right? I don’t wanna talk about how much money they’re making from what we’re doing. and making sure they’re getting people calling them. People call attack and them and those people have money enough to pay them That’s the suites So Right. Yeah. It’s all part of this. Thank you. nailed it.

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