How to improve the conversion rate of your website?

Every business owner’s goal is to grow. What are some helpful tips in order to get more from your website?

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really trying to figure out a lot people are coming to her site. But night. purchase the fee. I think I will have to try and focus on online, not only keywords, but Also looking at her. blogs that she has oversight tell you she shows a lot of there from that question, it statements. if you you can change those Have you looked at the conversion rate optimization process? think that was the next step let me look see what’s their phone. So maybe I would have to skip this that’s nothing that’s the step report set up Yes. So I need to go through each one her pages. with the conversion rate? Yeah. And so the conversion rate optimization step is in there. Because because We want to make sure the website accomplish something Right. That’s why we’ve set up goals and google analytics so we know what we want the website to account wash. well conversion rate optimization all about getting the website set up to do more. of whatever the goal we’ve set up to be Yes. and I I had a. I wanted to make sure it was part of the step. But I had a hard time writing it in a way that was actionable because it’s just very big picture. And and so I guess if I were to summarize conversion optimization step gets find one way to make it easier for your customers to convert Okay. So I guess i wasn’t wanna stick this stuff because home homepage something I want to change. Mh. So that’s part the conversion rate. like, making it it’s like, the way she has to set up, She has a product born the process. the home page. so gonna take that down. put pictures up, and it has like the statement when they first once it decides, he actually know what her site is really about. so when she had the pages one up the cross of the product, put like the statement. So to keep them interested and wanna keep looking not only read what she has, but See she has to sale. Okay. So I won’t get if it go to the keyword third johnson the conversion rate each page starting up with a whole page first. Yeah. I mean, you can do that or maybe it’s something site, like, is there a. button on every page to contact you. is the phone number really use his seat. if the goal is, I want more phone calls or I want them to contact me. It sounds like this is a website that sells things. So when you land on a long page for instance, Is it obvious that you can buy things from this page or does the vlog post Just talk about something, just phone. I’m sorry? Hello? Yeah. I didn’t hear what you said. Oh you have frozen at eight? one of my acting. Can you hear me? Yes. Yes. I. Oh. she’s a it’s a not nonprofit but she’s try to she filled the dish unless she was on a workshops, but just not important right now. service benefits So i another question I asked you about that is Okay. Current check. change it is a give contact. It just shows that sign up and days put at same change, Because she like, thank you for signing up. that okay Well, so we’ve talked about the idea. Well, I call it a confirmation page where once you do something doesn’t it load on a new page? You exist. It’s on the same page. Yeah. So I prefer a new page. because me that me the website did something. that I see a totally new page. But I. For instance today, I submitted a talk to work came of birmingham him. The smith hit the severe button and it disappeared. I. Well, well, gonna just waste on my time and fill on this form. no. No. I did it. What happened was the same page is love that the form and it scroll up. And it was just like, they maybe go like, whoa, broke something. We don’t want that experience on our client size. especially if it’s like a potential lead So that have a new page load says, Hey. We’ve got it. We’ll be with you. So shortly, I think that’s a much stronger experience. So that was another thing you could test for conversion right off once you set up that goal a lot easier. yeah. As well too It that makes the goal tracking million times easier, but Yeah. Got it. if it from a user experience I know there’s a lot of people who hate that. But I my opinion. My opinion is that confirmation pages a better user.

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