How to get client approval on web projects?

As someone who provides a service for clients, you are the expert. However, you need their approval on projects. This is how you get it.

Automated transcript:

can I flex a little bit until And and I think it relates this start. So we had this. We’re working on this big redesign for one of my big clients And my contact that the company is frankly afraid of his boss and in we’re about to have look cat. problem here. I hope on. So So like, he was so afraid. that he got me the Seo advocate and his web designer, developer on the call and we’ve seen a half hour before the presenting this website to the partners to own the business talking about how we’re gonna get these people to approve the website. This is so worried. And again, I get it. Yeah. So we we simply said, okay, hello That’s it. let’s not go through website in its entirety show that everything that change. ask their opinion about every little thing that change. because These people who on this business are experts in their business. They are not experts in websites. Yeah. They’re are paying us to be the website experts. but if you ask them their opinion, If only for Ego, they’re going to have to have an opinion albeit in the form opinion. So we estimate if we asked them that if the logos to small, they will have to tell us yes or no. They might not care but because we asked them, they will have to get us or they look silly? So what we did is instead of saying, Okay. Here’s the page. We did this. We did this to that this is that okay. Can we do this like that, How do you think about this? When you think about that? Okay. Here’s the second page of five hundred pages on the website. Do we do this that that we said Alright. we made all the changes the website. There’s done a lot of changes that we tried in our best. what we’re looking for today is your approval. the answer was Okay. Let’s good. That’s all it took. it was just like, Okay. and in fact my contact that the company is like Didn’t know what to do it. He was so surprised if he got approval of no put back He started asking him. Well it. Is this okay? We’ve got we got a approval store i I tell that story to say this. If you ask the client, what they think they’re going to tell you, If whether or not, they really honestly care. Or understand what Oral and understand the question. So mean sometimes it’s better to say to click. Hey, Clay, I’ve improved your website experience by making sure of the form submits to confirmation page. Not. Can I do this? This is what I’ve done. If they ask you why you can say well, it’s a better user experience. people that’s a better a formal know that is something worked Then middle, thank you. if they really don’t like it, well, look if they can say, Bye. if you set yourself up as the expert Then you tell them how it’s supposed to be done, They all trust your expertise. but you can ask them then they were relying on their expertise And you’re just a person push do cautious buttons you’re not very valuable So I would in this case, I wouldn’t ask her whether she is okay with us doing this. I would do it. tell that we did it Tell her why we did it. And then move on don’t ask permission. unless unless the claims is explicitly said, for some reason, do not change this. Mh. If they say that, obviously, we can’t. we’re not gonna do that. but don’t give them the option, tell them what you did for their own darn good. Yeah. You know how. We’re not trying to be sneaky. We just want to make sure that we. So Yeah. So words. I’m going back to a whole. the tell ask the client if it’s okay if you do this. Just tell him that you did it because it’s further good. you explain one, it’s a good idea. But we’re not trying to hide and I trying to trick our clients. We’re not trying to treat them as if their idiots. We’re just saying, You’ve hired music expert on the expert. This is what I’m wanted. and And and lowest of the time I’ll say, Thank you expert. for doing it. Right than, i’m going argue with you and gonna fight back with you because you change something I don’t like Sometimes clients can be really weird than they could be just really upset someone new minor detail, Okay. That’s okay. Like, client that’s why you’re paying me money to do this. Like, we’ll work through this. But for the most part clients just want you to do your job and trust you that’s why they you in the first place. So take that trust and don’t don’t ask permission for every change

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