How important is the H1 tag in SEO?

H1 tag is usually the headline on each page on your website. Does that mean it is more important than the standard text SEO-wise?

Automated transcript:

And So just as a follow up really quickly, Like, I I’ve noticed sites and tried to study this a little bit when I come across the site that really like that ranked really well for what I was searching for was just at the top of search. And like I said, they’ve had error a message and paragraph type and then there. You know, so would your strategy be to always have your h one tag at the top And and how you filter your sites there. and not kinda beat around the brochure or just maybe be open to what So Google does not carry the order on the tags. In fact, Google, you might even say google go kinda didn’t care about the Very much. Mh. that might have it one time for a very significant amount. So my my best advice to you is to say speak to your customers in the language for which they’re looking, Meaning, you’ve identified through keyword research how your customers are searching for you. use those words. Right? Yep. Right. And if it ends up in your H one Right, If there’s something that resonates better you think that is your H one, but you need to have a unique Each one on every page. Yeah. you know, each one is not so powerful. I’ve seen people encode website with entire page is that each one. they just style it different Oh, i. because they think the H ones the sicker weapon. No. There’s not one secret weapon on on page optimization. leg. Yeah. Good no dummy, cards rest combined like they could figure it out, And this is Nora? so what I. But but I was still try to to make sure my keywords in the H1 one. clients was down an H one tag on their home page and they’re no just fine. Yes. Because it’s just been too much of a hassle that we programmed their home to the h one it’s not worth the ton. And if they have a huge one I’ll make sure they do it. What gets me is when developers have put their logo with the One tech. That’s a. Right. That’s in enroll waste. That’s words in the h one. Which one takes not to be closed. we it logo. put two words, if you have more than one h one tag on a page, I used to get obsessed with that, like, only one h one in a page that’s totally up truly more. Like, just be smart about it, like, we’re be clear, be direct let’s not try to try to do some fancy stuff to trick the goal Let’s just build a good quality page that clearly states what is we have to offer. focused each page on a different idea not a page in a different work but focused page. That’s why part of the whole process is to the keyword research and then create the Blueprint. where you take each topic and you say, here’s a topic. I’m gonna build a page focus on this topic. Here’s another topic. I already have a page about that topic. I’m just gonna make sure to optimize that page for that topic. Here’s a another topic i need to build the page for that one. so then you have a plan having different pay just for different ways, people might look for you. people, different products or services you might have to offer. Right. Yep. and just having a clear plan for your entire website so we has a focus. Like I I’ll often see people say, I wanna ring for insert word here. and they put or here on every page of their website. Frequently late people do that. And they think it helps Me Don’t know what helps my Seo means. but I do know that you are competing against yourself, if you had focus on each page, each page would do better. It’s not like you don’t mention another word, I’m not page. but you should help each page on a particular topic okay. Awesome. That that was really helpful. Thanks. Okay. Good. Really help me out. Good.

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