How helpful is hyper-local link building?

Finding a relevant local blog for guest blogging can be challenging but valuable for your SEO campaign.

Automated transcript:

Now, you were asking about link building as well. There is some indication that maybe Google values very hyper-local link building. That’s what I’ve gotten from Yeah. Yeah. I mean, if it does, that’s pretty small because it’s really hard. Yeah. Like, finding a relatively local Log. Yeah. Is going to be super difficult. But if you can, Great. You know for you know, maybe the other way if looking at it is thinking not a hyper-local bond, but like a local Atlanta area of blog at the business Atlanta. and if and in publishing some case studies to these towns, you’re talking about that Mh. This does a couple of different dates. Never one is getting the link you get the value like, It comes from a page that’s incorporating that area in its name. So the topic associates the page of that town with the service because it’s a case study. So then the value app period carries through to the value to the link been if we like to the page it’s right. Two, let’s say that we’re a really high authority Atlanta area blog it might be easier for that page to rank for that service area then than their client-side. Yeah. and then that’s a lot quicker. you know, quicker to go. Yeah. in fact, might be one of these cases where Some of these hyper-local or local blogs might be willing to pay for play, But if we pay for a host, we can’t get the link from to be in that bottle. Yeah. But if we’re doing it, so that I mean, if the links to follow. That’s fine because now I’ll show up and the search results. say that again. Is it okay important not to be followed? It might be if this is the gap Yes, we think that this blog is authoritative enough let’s say we find out I didn’t that delay area block. Let’s say that it seems to have a good following could authority good traffic. We might use their blog page as our landing page in the search results, the links are the fault. So it’s kind of a weird Seo strategy. Yeah renting she lost that page for now. Not but it might be a good way to kind of in the meantime. Started And that might be that interesting way.

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