How frequently should you write a blog post?

In order to increase conversions, create leads or boost your website traffic blogging is a necessary element to increase those factors, but how often should you blog?

Automated Transcript:

What what do you suggest is the best time to Add pulls like once a week or twice three every day, whenever you’re in the move I. And there really go hard and fast. I’m a big preventative quality of quantity. Yeah. I was gonna say, I agree with that. I would definitely say that because so one of the things that was in this big all day conference that was one key thing that somebody says that as far as comcast, bit because and you’re when you do the the Keyword research and you come up with your blocked titles. And you come up better ten, if if that. you have that’s what you wanna do for the next six months and just those ten. it’s better than doing it over the next ten weeks. and then the next ten weeks put junk just because you did it every week. You gotta do it every week. One of the things they had said was that they had a client and they had paid for Seo content and my blog post weekly bought And. But because they were. They just kind of put a bunch of things up and they weren’t necessarily the right post. then they ended up taken a bunch of the content they the they paid for. point and it made their. their site up. It went through the as far like, Seo wise. You know like their other their traffic everything increased because I think Google was seeing it as not that’s content for So it wasn’t. providing it for right? How about help see it see those reply heard people make claims of removing cloth content increasing their their Seo. I wanna see some. Yeah. And that’s my that what is their term? Yeah. but I think it’s a fine balance. Right? Yeah. we we we Sometimes it’s putting stuff up helps. Yeah. Yeah. but. I’d rather put something good and unique. let’s what more out. Every couple of months, Mh. and to just have something to publish every week. Yeah. So basically be patient Yeah. Got your ten, and and that’s what you’re working on just work on and and and release them as they as they go, don’t stress about I gotta do it every week. on That’s I said I used to get into that as well. Oh, i you know. I I would love to be able to write a blog first we can for my clients, more for whom higher writers. Yeah. Me typically do that. Yeah I can’t sustain that. No just Yeah. So i what I tend to do is every couple of months article comes up, that’s a good an interesting idea. And I like, okay, I can write about this. So Like I wrote my Run an article a few months ago on how to track Your Google discovery data. Just as Google discovery was coming out. And I did a big analysis on measuring showing the relationship between To manager Google sorry, google the search of google analytics and you could pursue the graphs line up and once you understood that, you could see how Google analytics is supporting google discovery data and you make some, I just do it because I’d like, oh, this is interesting. It’s true a top performing block as I have because I was on a few people who took the it. I’m I wrote one. a few weeks ago that was like you why rank is stupid and I I I did it to disturb pot. because. I’m I was just being a little bit edgy. and it’s done really well because it generates little controversy person. Bye. Most of the content, just having content on there. Just doing cares. is it better to have. time into something that’s valuable. remember there’s several advantage to the blog pumps. one you can get more traffic because people can find more information on your website if you wrote it relevant to your what you offer those people could potentially become customers but three, You could attract links to your website By just riding in good count, I found this out a long Time ago when I wrote. article about the long tail in keyword research, And hell the long tail pays off and I did some research to create a couple graphs. Well, because I created a couple graphs to to contents of long tail people sort of using those there blockbuster about the long tail. They to me as a source. We have to ask them the link, Mh. Just link because hey, this is a really grease versus zeros where I found it. So now I did link building By just taking time to write something good no one else. Mean based lot of people written about long tail. But not everyone’s taking a time to make craft, makes charge to show the implications And that is what. Attracted the links And so. if. Those are hard to come by. Those ones that I’m not saying is with viral, but like, trusted attention maybe is a better way of saying it That is a lot harder but and takes a lot more effort, than just I’m notable a blog post because what I need to write upon us this week.

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