How Can I Stay Organized While Running a Business?

The key to success in a business is being organized. Here are some tips on organizing your business.

Automated Transcript:

I too am trying to get organized because I’m working on getting a another client. I didn’t get to work with them as soon as I wanted to, but hopefully they’ll respond back and we can get started. But I have a lot of questions because I’m trying to get organized. What’s the best way to do things? Setting up, email? And I like, like I try to use to do list, which is like, another way to organize tried that I could, they got a free version. I’ve been using the free version for a while, and then it’s like, I think it’s like 36 dollars a year to get more advanced. So yeah, because yeah, I have a lot of questions because I really am trying to get organized and I there’s so many different tools out there you can use, but Yeah, this is best to like no talk with you all who use certain tools and what helped you. I’ll get organized in your business. Well I think that’s a legitimate question for office hours. Yeah right. Yeah because I think we’re all trying to do that for ourselves and for our clients so I know I’m happy to talk about that. Yeah. I tried to do a stand livonian. I couldn’t get it. I couldn’t like stick with it. Something just didn’t mesh with how I work. I don’t know. Um, but and I get this point, I remember it. But I don’t remember exactly what I was doing with. But um, one thing that works for me is a last on the computer and more like set out is a, is a bullet journal. And so, but I do might be, like, you could look up bullet journaling. There’s a gazillion different things in ways to do it. The thing that helps The most is, I have, let’s see how many pages one. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven pages back and front and I separated them into three sections and Ice have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, all the way through. And so I do several weeks like is probably two two and a half weeks, whatever ends up being and I have Okay, so this is these are the things I have today. So like on today’s thing I have to p.m. curiously ants because I know that this is today and I’m this is where I’m going to be. So put things like that but then also I had on there. Okay, I might email goes out tomorrow so I’ve got to make sure my final email gets done. So have that on here then I had a client, I need to email so I put that on here. And then like any also client things like okay I want to do, you know, finish this part of this website I’m building. So I put that on here and so the thing is is the trick is to try not to put too much on one day and like all those days out you do, but what you can do on one day and then some on the next couple days and then I typically will If I once I’m done I put an X by it. If I don’t get it done I put like a little little greater than sign and move it to the next day or the next and move it. So that I know that I had that but I’ve moved it. So you guys even stuff down. What now? So, with bullet Journal, you write everything down. Yeah. You kind of write it down and not like, all on one thing. You write it on the day, you think you want to do it? Okay, I have a wrote A Blog on my old website about it. I’ll have to find the link in email to you, but um, but like when you look at bullet journaling though, there’s so many different pieces and you can do so much and get too involved in it. This is the one piece that helps me the most. So this is what I do. I do the, you know, three days on a page for a couple weeks. And then, the one thing that I like about it is, I have my rocket book that I take my Scan it. So I basically take that skin it into a PDF and I can go back and look at it if I need to. Can you send me a link to that? Because I tried to look up that rocket thing. I cannot find it. Oh yeah, I’ll send it to you. I’ll send a link. It sounds interesting. And so, what for what I do for this, I have the smaller size, the executive size, not the big letter size, which I love. It’s a little small thing, and I use it, so, I’ll set, yeah. Yes, there’s your rocket book. So yeah, I’ll send you the the rocket book and also a link to the to the bullet Journal. Also, thank you for that. That link you gave us last week. Yes heskey, the image of our something, no Hefty. It was something that showed you like what fonts and stuff there. Yeah. Hover. If I hover a Fayette. Yeah, yeah. I went on a lifetime a year but you know if you can get it for Lifetime, that’s lifetim is better, that’s better. Yeah. So but I really like that too easily. Just go to a website and say what fonts. This what color is this? What was it built with all that stuff? Yeah, I like that cuz my discount just in time because when I talk to my client because they have ideas of Like they have other websites that they like would like for me to pull from and so that works really good. Oh yeah you can can see, least they say they’re like this fonts here. The other you know what Bonnet is you don’t have to like search? That’s a pain. I I love it when you can do fonts like that, I don’t like it. When people find some in just an image and then I’m like, what pain is that? I want something similar and that was very helpful. Thank you so much. Glad I could help.

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