How Can I Benefit from Using the WebP Format on My Website?

We all like our sites to look attractive by using images, but we tend to overlook the fact that bigger images can slow down your site. We’ll explore what the WebP image format can do. 

All right Trisha.


You you asked about images as well?

Okay, so I wasn’t sure what I was hoping.

This was the question or if it was something else. I didn’t remember.

 Um, so that your this is though, I think, webp question.

And I think, is that correct?

How you say it or what it even is?

So, um, there’s a new like, image optimization

Something webp and I know there are a lot of so like I used short pixel.

So there are a lot of different image optimization tools to basically shrink the image size, image file size without changing the quality of the image.

And so I was looking the other day and I know someone else uses it and like when you would go to open an image in a new tab, instead of being like your Biz watchdog.


Image 1.jpg at the beginning it’s like CDN short, pixel blah, blah blah, WB webp.

And then slash, and then your Biz, Watchdog blah, blah, blah.

So that, so, like first off, I’m assuming that that’s something using something that is webp, is good to do possibly.

And if so, like I don’t even know how to do.

I have short pick so I guess I can go ask them but like first should I even if it’s not a lot of pictures I could do it.

 But then like on future pictures so webp.

 I don’t know how it’s called.  I got a reader’s vocabulary so I have never heard a bell sitrep wimpy.

Yeah, it’s just another file formats like jpeg or PNG or gif.

But you’ll always be a gift.

Never be a Jiff.

Yes, thank you.

I feel strongly about yeah, yeah.

I don’t care what you say.

 So it’s just another way of formatting.

And this is a formatting that is, it’s like the name implies really great for websites.

So, there are plugins for instance, you can use, I use image if I to convert image, if I

 Yes, to convert all my images to webp so that my my that FX, my largest content will paint core web vital because the largest item on any particular pages on often times my image. And so if it can convert it to W, webp then that is a lot smaller in it.

 Sometimes it’s all it takes to get that little largest content for paint down to the little space.

When you say you’d convert it.

Do you do that before?

You put it on your website or you use that that with that?

 Image if I plug in.  Yes, yes that’s what I do because I use WordPress and it works really well.

Now would that go in?

So I have a the same thing with short pixel and they have.

And so I’ve got to look at it and see. And I think I can add the short pixel widget and I think that it because I actually I have it, I just don’t know that I’ve enabled that part.

 So basically you would just check and and it would make all of your


Images webp.

Yeah, basically, way image, if I works, is you install it and then it goes through all your images and converts them for you.

 And then as you upload new images, it just creates Adam webp version.

 Now, for full disclosure. Most modern web browser, support webp.

 But you might run into somebody who doesn’t.

So if you got a client who is particularly 2010 web browser still using Internet Explorer, they might find that they are website doesn’t display or something like that.

Actually had some was built built a website, couple months back and it was a question about they said, oh the page is all messed up.

 I don’t

I understand but it looks fine on my phone I’m like and then I would go look at it and oh well you know, I haven’t updated my browser since 2010.

There’s a problem.

I’m like, yeah, it works a current browsers.

So just just make sure you understand that also.

And I

I haven’t confirmed this but I ran into a problem.

 Them where I would share images on Twitter or Facebook and Facebook, and Twitter would not use the webp, the image as the featured image in the social media feed.

 Huh. So you know I love the ocean plug-in because it adds open graph, and Twitter cards or something.

It automatically shares your featured image in your Facebook or Twitter feed.

 I think that’s great.

But it seems to me I’m not so sure they’re able to support webp huh?

Or there might be a different conflict that I’m not anticipating.


So that’s something to look at.

Now another part of that was like what I was looking at was actually and I don’t know really when you say convert maybe this is what you mean but like this actually it wasn’t a whole new file but it was like at the beginning

     You have the URL, is that how it works or is that two different ways?

 That’s how that system works.

What you’re looking at is a CDN content delivery Network.


 So what that’s doing is they’re you know, your web browser is set up.

I’m sorry.

Your web server is set up to serve web pages as fast as possible but you can set up some web servers to serve up, images faster than you can serve up a webpage and so

So if what what this is doing is, it’s saying I’m going to serve the web page using a traditional server, but I use a special server to serve up all the images and we’re going.

That’s going to be the content delivery Network the CDN and so that the city in itself helps speed up things, if your CDN can also convert it into a webp fine, Google does not care if the URL is changed or not the URL on your website, okay?

So, like

 If it’s got that you know CDN blah blah blah short pixel at the front of it then the web if that’s okay.

First SEO okay? Yeah yeah because I thought I know thinking that serve up a lot faster well I saw it and I’m like why am I not using this?

Because I have short mix full and then I’m like well is it a it you know I know that I’ve heard of webp I just haven’t used it and then I was like worried about

About the URL not being to my actual site.  Okay.

 So both of those are good, that’s fine one.

The one thing I would check is that the open graph and your Twitter card is picking up the image from the CDN.

Okay, that was with the basically I can just do something and share it to Twitter and see what happens or you can use the open graph, Checker, from Facebook for free, put a URL in there and it’ll show ya of that version will look like

The Twitter cards has a similar Twitter app where you put the URL in, it shows you what it’ll look like.

 Just use that so that we don’t publish something and yeah, I forget yeah.


I was just double check both those things because I ran into some weird problems and I wasn’t sure if it was my CDN.

If it was webp or something else, that was not allowing these things to show up.

Cool. All right, I’m gonna

 Put it this way to speed up your site because it is a much faster way to share serve images that what I’m sorry the webp or see what the incident both.

So if you had your choice of one or the other, which is like, if you could only do one is one better than the like

I mean, I’d almost say CDN because it’s a one-time setup for everything.

And it sort of affects the most.

Just because again pagespeed is a function of the page not the site, so the CDN would affect me and every page on the site webp would only affect the images that got converted?

Now if you’re using a plug-in and we’re converting all yours to webp.



 But, you know, you’d have to do a little test but I’d say a CDN is okay, if I had to pick but most time you don’t have to pick.


Yeah well I just okay.


What a bunch of great questions.

Oh, gosh.

And Roz.

What time it was?

I hope there.

We got everything in.

We did without that was great. Good.

 Perfect timing.

 Alright well, thank you for submitting questions ahead of time.

 That helped me a ton.

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