How Can Canonical Tags Be Used for Duplicate Content on More than One Page?

When a canonical tag is used, Google recognizes a certain page as the original. Let’s see how we can use it.

Automated Transcript:

Okay, so my question is, is there am I on the right?

My face.

Is there something that I can tell Google?

Like come on Uncle, which one is that the right term?

So more relatives.


To the canonical tag, which you can add to the top of your head, or which you can change.

If you’re using WordPress, you can change within Yost.

Advanced settings for on a page, on a particular page you can set the canonical tag to say, hey Google.

I know this is the same content as on another page.

I want you to treat the other page as the canonical or the proper version of this page.

So hold on.

So I’ll make sure I understand yes, your think so like I would go to to this select the interior page.

And so I actually kind of would want Google to treat that as the canonical page.


Well, you would, but to do that, you have to set the canonical on the homepage to be your interior page and now I know I don’t want to do that.


That would be really bad.


Now I don’t want to do that so I would tell so I would set the canonical to the home page.

So if you wanted to, if you wanted to send all the traffic on the interior page to the homepage.

That’s well, yeah, but that’s not really what you probably want to do that.

Okay, so I would not do canonical than in this instance, right?

Has it the homepage?

So you have to couple options.

You can just let Google decide what page, it thinks is best.

Not ideal.

But hey, you know you did your best to the client client refuses and you can just let it go to.

You can take the time, obviously charge the client for the copywriting and have a copper at a write up the second page interior page should be much more complete much more directly optimized which were focused on conversion if they’re obsessed with the homepage, they might not care.

The interior page.

Well, I which I think is the case but

For SEO purposes.

I think that I need to well.

But here let me, let me there was something you said about that, that I want a dress.

It’s okay.

That your home page is optimized for something.

It should be.

Yeah, your home is your most powerful SEO page?

Yeah, and it shouldn’t be just ranking.

For your branding.



Like my reliable Acorn.

Homepage is trying to optimize for internet marketing consultant.

Curious, the ants is trying to optimize for learn SEO.

Now, obviously people doing branded searches, I want to land on those.

And unless I’m a really terrible SEO people, those home pages are not showing up for my branded terms, but what I really want is those home.

So in this case, the client might not be wrong if this is your big moneymaker.



Now the problem is again,

On pages aren’t because they have to do a lot.

aren’t always set up best for conversion, but if you, if the client understands this page is there member one product, you might be able to set it up for direct conversion because maybe their overall marketing strategy is

If we get them to buy this one thing we can then upsell them into the other things.

In that case, that sounds like a very legit strategy.



So if as long as the home page is optimized for conversion, it’s okay to infect.

It should be optimized for something that is not just your brand name.


Oh yeah.

So fig find Gardens the example and using throughout curious ants.

Is really trying to optimize the homepage for a landscape.



So we want people who are searching for the Fig find Gardens as well as the landscape.

Architect goes out there and networks and gets to know people.

They can find a home page but we want people to find the homepage who are looking for their broadest will short tail, but still relevant keyword.

And if that product is that,

Then then optimizing the home page for that is totally legit strategy.

And you know you might not need know if because the way the sites built or whatever you just can’t set up for conversion or there’s too many distractions, then you might build an interior page for that but you don’t need two pages just because yeah, okay.

So it’s okay if you your home page should be optimized for something and if that


If, if they just insist that, that’s the number one product, okay?

That’s very important bit.

Like there’s other factors besides that, like, isn’t the most profitable product.


Oh, well then, it’s hard to argue with that, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You think it’s really done one that way.

And I’ve had it kind of caught me off guard, you know, and working on it.



Any think so?


I think

I now so.

Um so my circumstance where the claim was right?


Well I and II, I think so.

So one other question so like let’s say that I put most everything on the home page and decide not to do an interior page.

I’m going to have like my menu and then it’s going to have products and then I’m thinking like I could also do like, you know, product

And and have it linked into like and use a jump, wait to wear it, misses the hero image and just kind of goes to that.

So that the it’s in the menu still somebody just like looks at the menu and they don’t they’ll see that product.

I like that in, remember if we’re doing SEO, right?

And this might be where the client is making a big misunderstanding.

Most people are going to land on our home page by default.

If we’re doing our SEO well people are landing on interior Pages.

Most relevant query.


So well let’s let’s say there’s a lesser product for some reason I’m thinking pools like, like, like pool covers.

Let’s say their big-money project is pool.

Vacuum cleaners to clean out pools but they sell pool covers to.

So if you have a pool covers page and you really want your oh you happy to sell them, a pool cover.


You really want them to buy the pool vacuum.

Did they have something in the menu to get to the pool vacuum to?

Because they will be on the pool covers and know what else these people do.


If they don’t have their item in that list they might not be able to get to the homepage.

Yeah that’s what I want to make sure it’s in that list in that product list.

Yeah, I think that’s a great solution because then then you get straight in there and you can use the jump link to get down to the nitty-gritty.

I think I think I might

Try that and see.

I think that might be a good solution for it, okay?

But that might help the client understand.

Remember, we’re not expecting everybody to land on the homepage and if they land on a tear a page and they can’t find your product.

They might not realize that your number one product is even available for.


And yeah.

And so the one thing too is when they

Most of their promotion is by mouth and and and so they’re not used to SEO and so when they do that it’s like a flyer.

Here’s the website.

So they want it short easy.

And that’s in that take some to their product, that they’re selling that they promote.

So okay, I think that this, this is I’m feeling a lot better about it.

Good good, I think you’re inside of a jump link, from the menu is really smart.

It’s a really good way.

I think I may do that.

Then instead of working on another page

It has similar but and then they’re not, they may not unruly understand why, you know, we’re doing that.

I think it’d be better because I have the content for the, the main product done and I’ve just got a little bit of tweaking and I think that it is definitely I think I’ve got a lot of stuff in it.

I don’t think it.

I need to do a second page and redo it.

So okay.

Okay, perfect.

That’s that’s a happy compromise.

Mais de clients happy but you’ve also done them a huge service.

Yeah, yeah.

I was like, there’s no way I’m going to do a menu and leave out their main product.

I just write can’t.

I would love to be able to collect data on how much the menu.

I have a client right now that I’m really struggling with them because they just have to have their menu on way and it’s like I really wish I could show how many customers are missing out on what they really have to offer because it’s not in the menu.


Yeah, it’s not clear how to find it.

Like you’re making the customer find making them start putting the burden on them really?



They should have to collect money.

Yeah, I think there’s a super question.

Why do you thank you?

Thank you.

That helped a lot.


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