Guest Blogging, Link Schemes, and Social Media Sharing (9/9/2020)

In our Office Hours meeting for September 9th, 2020 we discussed several hot topics!

Guest blogging has been a little controversial lately. I believe, however, that those who speak poorly of it are thinking about the low-quality, quick-and-easy way of doing guest posts. I believe there will always be a place on the interenet (and within SEO campaigns) to share unique and expert opinions on other websites. THAT’s what I mean by “guest blogging“.

As long as we’re talking about controversy in link building, we should review Google’s Link Scheme documentation. This is what Google says is “out of bounds” when it comes to link building. Before you do any link building- be sure you understand these “rules”.

And while we talked about guest blogging, we discussed what to do to promote blog posts. One of the best things to do is post them on social media. In this week’s Office Hours we discussed several ways (and tools) to share your blog posts over your social media accounts.

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