GT Metrics, Yelp Sucks, and Linktree Alternatives (11/18/2020)

This week we covered a wide range of topics during Office Hours, especially about tools and services we like (and hate).

In our continued quest to improve our page speeds, one Colony member brought to our attention a change at GT Metrics. This solution to diagnose page speed problems recently not only started charging but providing Google Lighthouse data. I might have to change the page speed process to include this tool.

The conversation turned to getting reviews for our clients which naturally lead to why Yelp is a terrible company with an overly-aggressive sales force that practices some shady tactics. This is why, although I submit my clients to Yelp, I don’t recommend they every pay for any of their services.

Last we talked about sharing blog content on social networks as a way of promoting content we produce. This lead to how to use Instagram to promote posts and a conversation about LinkTree (and several alternatives). While Instagram might not be the best way to promote your business (and its articles) there are tools that can help push people to your website from your posts.

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