Google Analytics Goal Tracking: Should We Use a Template or Custom?

Setting up Google Analytics goal tracking can be challenging at first. Learn which is better, template or custom.

Automated Transcript:

It’s nice to see everybody today, lavanya has the floor. She asked 12 million questions. I just went back over back. Over your own. The checklist. Yeah, so that’s why I came up with all this question. I was trying to get through half of your checklist, but I think I got to step 5. Okay, I think, but there’s been some changes since the last time I did it on your checklist and now goals like a my first question. Yeah. Ask your first question. I thought it was a good one or do you want me to read it for you? I pull it back up. Yeah. You got to read it because I don’t have it up right now. Your first question said In Google analytics, should we use the template to set up goals or custom? I’m referring to the goals section in Google Analytics. Do you want to elaborate on that? Well, I don’t recall that in the beginning. When I first set it up and I didn’t click on the template part because I want to follow what you had. So I wasn’t for sure about the template part of it. I didn’t know if you were familiar with it or not. Yeah. So if we’re talking about the same thing, when you set up a goal in Google analytics, it gives you an option to do a custom goal or one from their template. Is that what you’re referring to? Yes. Yeah, so first of all, it all depends on what goal you’re trying to set up. If you’re trying to set up pay a form was submitted and I want to track submissions of that form because it lands on a landing page confirmation page. Then it doesn’t matter. There is one of the templates that says form submissions and it does the same thing as the custom solution that I’m recommending you do. But okay, I just just to make it simple and apparently I made it more confusing. I just said, just use the custom and follow the directions by putting your confirmation URL in the custom field. So it’s really the same thing. Now, if you’re going to try to track other things as goals, then you can, you could look at the templates provided by Google analytics as goals to see, if any of those are already done for you in my time. Just help you out a little bit. but if you’re simply tracking a submission of the form that ends in a confirmation page, you can, you can either use the template and I forget what they call, I think it’s just called form submission, Or you can use the custom but it works the same way, there’s no wrong way to do it. Okay, yeah, cool. And I also recently added, if it helps the, the process to add goals in GA for to the process, I found that the documentation on the internet was very confusing on how to set up a goal in GA for. So I found the simple way and put it in the game plan and I’m again we’re not recommending. Everybody move the ga Yet. But if you’ve already there and you want to start tracking your form, submissions, you can find the process in Curious answer, will it be okay if we did both or would it cause confusion? No, no. It won’t cause confusion it only helped you because eventually When we move to j4, You’ll already be collecting the data. All right.Before we proceed to question number 2. Any other follow-up questions to that? Okay, hearing none.

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