Does PPC Help Your SEO?

It is tempting to do PPC since it’s quick, but does it affect your SEO positively?

Video transcript:

Youssef: So, can PPC and SEO work together?

David: Okay. Can PPC and SEO work together?

Youssef: Yeah.

David: Yeah. So, that depends on what working together means. Does paying through pay-per-click, or PPC, help your SEO? No. But they do work together very well, in several ways. For instance, one way is that SEO is slow, but PPC is quick. So, we can use PPC to quickly identify not only what words people are searching for but, when they search, what words are typically ready to convert. And we could take that data and apply it to our SEO campaign. Now we’ve saved ourselves a lot of time and trouble to know what we should be optimizing for from an organic perspective. Also, PPC and SEO can help each other when you appear for the same search result in both paid and organic. Basic marketing psychology says that you have to experience something three to five times before you even notice it. And although a paid search would be a listing at the top of the page and then underneath it, you might have an organic listing for the same keyword, what happens is people tend to ignore the paid listings because they know they’re paid, and they somehow don’t trust them. But your mind still sees the name of the company. And you scroll down, and visually you see the listing there organically, and you say, “Oh, I trust this company. I’ve heard of them before.” Yeah, you did – at the top of the page. And so, in that way, PPC can give SEO a lift. It doesn’t mean you get a better ranking because you paid money to Google. It means that you might get a little bit of a brain recognition lift because more people are seeing you, and that’s building this unmentioned credibility in your mind. Does this answer your question, Youssef?

Youssef: Yep. Thank you.

David: Good question.

Tricia: Yeah. I like that. So, that was really good because I knew that but putting it all together really helped.

David: Good. Yeah, I’ve heard some crazy claims of “Oh, yeah. If you just pay Google, you’ll get better with organic,” and I’ve seen people game the system. I won’t even say how they game the system. But yeah, that’s the relationship between paid and organic.

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