Does Google use traffic to determine ranking?

Google takes a variety of things into consideration to rank a website, but is traffic one of them or not?

Automated transcript:

if it brings traffic to the site, then it does how, you know, in a different Well, but remember Google isn’t using the traffic to determine ranking. Yeah. Yeah. It is using traffic in this case, to help sell the goods to down, the school can get the sales. That’s Yeah. It’s legit traffic. And that helps sell the products it’s in helps. schools, get the money that they need for band activities and Yeah. Bye. So but but let’s not let’s distinguish traffic we get from a link with the stability of the link to give Yeah. That’s that’s a huge miss number. I had a client That got the link on the New York Times for their industry. Now there the York times for industry is a website nobody is none of us have ever heard of before. Mh. But in their industry, it’s like When we got the link they’re like, so excited. We’re like, didn’t understand. it was like the super well respected website in the world in their industry, and the only people in the industry, knew how excited was Yeah. You just thought was just another website. Mh. we looked at that link, they got one or two visits in a month from that link. Wow, yeah. But void their website takeoff off a Google. Yeah. So traffic from the website yeah not translate into google ranking of party of that website passing authority to the client site and this result back client got a lot more traffic from Google it did from the link Yeah. and that’s my late building is very, very important. Right. You said. Absolutely. Did think you wanna add to that? Well, it’s it’s it’s a bit difficult but it just. It it’s it’s something necessary that you should do to in new website. If you want, to rank up And get customers organically Yeah. that has to be done.

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