Do you need to add ‘near me’ to your landing pages?

SEO teaches you need to include the keywords for which people are searching on a page.Is it the same case for ‘near me’?

Automated transcript:

So the other day I was. we had a water issue, and I had to do some laundry. So searching for a blonde near me recently moved. So of course, I was kind doing keyword research as I was doing it. because i’m, I just curious now, you know, like, So I came up with a question. Noticed that their page title and like h two tags and I think even some of the paragraph content, all had like, near me. content written, you know, is like, the even the H one I think on the page was longer mat near me. And I was just wondering, you know, It’s not a good experience for the user to to read that. Right? So Is that really gonna be valued by by search so because they they appeared really well to search are doing. They have multiple locations. They they seem to appear all over the place. So the word near. Near vehicle, is a special kind of word I should let me backtrack a little bit. Google is getting much better understanding intent behind words. Right. They know that lawyers, the same as attorneys If we were with no Register is the same thing. Right? And so do algorithm understand things as well as it And so it’s serving things up. So for instance, if you had a page and all you mentioned was attorneys. It could serve a page that only mentioned lawyers. Because it knows that a lawyers returning in turning of lawyer. That’s easy way for us wrap a rains around the concept. But near me, It knows What that means. Right. That’s it can determine what is near me based on things like The address of the person doing the serve and the address is at the bottom of the page and website. the Google business listing. Right? The things like that So you can show up in Google without the words near me on your page. But you need to do a couple things for a strategic address Right. If you wanted to increase your odds, you would include that address using scheme us a Google knows that there is an address. Right? Yes that address is Exactly the phone number equivalent to your google. My business listing and Your name address phone numbers in several other listings that Increase As well. So You don’t have to have it. But it is still a word and this still is on the page. If you could find a way to put it in, naturally, you can have the best of both worlds. I don’t build pages called near me. And I will. sometimes on a page say, if you are looking for a lawyer in near me, Or you may be asking yourself. How can I find a lawyer near me? Yes. You do. five way to incorporate it naturally, I’ve even tried you looking for a lawyer year near you? Because Google, can make that transaction between media Right? So But I don’t think. It’s as important to use the least little word near me in your page. as your address on your page, the the google those a lot about you. Right? Right. Through across all our assets probably has your personal address so knows you are and it knows these other business are an if answer. near you. So I see why they did it. They don’t have to work to do if they just do it right? Yeah. That’s kinda hockey. How many? they did it appears that way. Right. be possible that I guess, A lot of people when they said up Go my business, we do the United States because they’re trying to Hello cover everyone month. that are you saying that they put that as their service area the whole Us? well, he was saying like, they put near me and they’re just trying to get people in the area that all across the country. So that a Google will determine what near me means based on whoever’s search. Oh, yes. you’re near me, and you’ve set your service area. because you are a service area business, google will probably consider that. We do know that Google gives different results based on what near me might mean if I’m looking for a pizza restaurant, there me needs to be a little closer. And if I’m looking for a home improvement foundation repair, place. Right? I might want someone closer to near me, but they could be a few miles away really would. Right? Lawyer Near me could be pretty far away. still be relevant with near me. Right? And so Google does apply. It it’s it’s we got have google understands what people are asking better It’s just really the words. And if we understand that, we don’t have to try to and our service area. to be tripped people into it, and we don’t have to resort to, putting near me five on times on the page because we’ve got speak some sort of during. keyword density number on your meat. Right? If we just realize that Google, Algorithm is really pretty smart lately in understanding what people are asking for we don’t have to try to to trick it by doing things, like, we’re gonna increase our radius to forty miles from thirty five. You you said like you wanna ask a attrition? Well, I was gonna ask something to follow up, but I wanted to make sure I love on it. But she wasn’t asking about adding anything to the Google my business profile. No. What I was saying was, because he said adding near me, but like, when I set up mine, I’m made a mistake on the united states and have a client they did this United States, but they want people more. in the area that active, but it had to set up as the United States. So I changed it. good because that. If you said your service area in Google my business is the whole U us that’s a good way to get it suspended it. Yeah. I don’t know how long she sent it that way. Well, thank and said it correctly. That’s good. I be, like, a hundred miles. two hundred is what it is two hundred. Yeah. That’s okay. Yeah. David so I know you’re were talking about the address on the page So what about the businesses that people search for? their service area, like, let’s say your landscaping person. you wouldn’t have. I mean, like, you can put your address, but the lifetime times it’s gonna be like the local whatever Ups, but whatever there you can put that So that then the focus on your service area pages, that you do? Mh. that I think depends on how the business is set out So for instance, if you are a pest control company and have several areas of focus, you know, big metro area. You might approach it differently than if you are a landscape or you have one place, and you could serve a multi county area. You might have different strategies there. So in latter, with my landscape who service one base area kind of make sure you mention that we serve This city and discounting in this county I’m gonna center. from Okay. So that way, it’s it’s just like inviting Hey, we sure all these areas. but is literally telling Google and people We’re happy to come to this county even those to county next door. Yeah. And the Google is smart enough to say oh you’re in that town. Well, this kelly isn’t that far. and they typically can say, well, your landscape, I’ve you willing to do little bit more. If you’re longer man, No, you need that long right next to you. Bye. you don’t wanna go to. You don’t wanna go five miles for longer. You wanna mile away. Right? So Google. I I would I’m telling Google was better at understanding these things than I think a lot of old school Seo people. Yeah. realize And there’s been some huge updates in the last two years that’s like you go. is getting to the point of almost being a autonomous in that it understands so much this is not kind of scary is almost is almost Ai at this point, like, Sky is pending. Well, all the terminator soon for that matter.

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