Changing domains, unique content, web design, and faster indexing

We covered several great questions in this week’s Office Hours. What are the SEO implications of changing a domain name? How unique does content need to be for SEO? Can web designers help with SEO? Can you help Google re-index a website faster?

This week I’m trying an experiment where I break-out office hours into individual questions. I hope this makes it more digestible and accessible.

The first question from the April 14, 2020 office hours was about changing domains and how that might affect someone’s SEO efforts.

The second question was about unique content. Content is hard to produce. How unique does content need to be for SEO?

Next someone asked what web designers and developers can do to help make SEO a success.

Last someone asked about how long it might take for Google to index a website. Is there a way to speed this up?


Welcome to office hours. Today is the 14th of April and here talk about SEO and all kinds of stuff in the Vanya is itching to ask a ton of questions. So I kept asking her to hold on. And now now it’s her time to shine. My first question for Lavon you though is did you take the test yet? No analytics IQ test not yet. I can’t wait to hear how you do you’re going to do great. All right. First question like you have your website you have your domain and everything, but you want to change the domain and you change your domain but you keep everything on your website the same. How does that interfere with Google with SEO? So when the call even though the content let’s just say the content didn’t change the domain name change. Yeah, Google will Google indexes your site adding it to its day. Base to decide how to serve it to customers searching for it based on the website address. So when you change your domain name, all your address is changed and now Google has to decide what to do with the new one and what to do with the old one. So Google will re-index the new site with the new addresses. And in some cases you might end up almost starting over now. There are ways to compensate for Google’s re-indexing and that is making sure you have redirect set up so that if Google attempts to achieve to reach any of the old pages on the old domain you use a 301 redirect and send them to the new page on the new domain and that expedites Google’s ability to say, oh the old page no longer exists. I’m going to look at this new page it can take up to two months before Google re-index is the new domain even if the content is exactly the same that’s why redirects are important redirect speeded up. Okay, and then any additional content or changes you make to the pages like if you were at a couple more blog posts that gives Google another reason to come by the new website that can help. Any links from other websites to the new site can help updating old links to the old site to make sure they are now pouring to the new site even if you have redirect set up will help it also so there are a lot of things you can do to help Google index the new site with new domain, but if you just leave it, it’ll take Google a while to figure out. Okay, the old sites no longer valid. In the new sites, the one that they want me to index. Okay. So the easiest way is to set up the redirect 301 right? Yes, specifically a 301 and you can usually do that on the domain or registrar level because you can tell the old domain any page go to the same page on the new domain. So let’s say you had old / page one and you can go to your registrar. And you say I want to now have old redirect to new But keep the URL part of the URI in there and now every time Google or anybody goes to old says first page it will go to new first page now. Can I change in Google analytics? Can I change the domain or just a different? The best you’d have to change it change it. So by changing Google analytics that does not help Google re-index the new site. All that does is help. You know, what is the site on which the analytics set? So Google doesn’t read the information in Google analytics to determine which site to serve. Okay. Now you if you did for Google search console now Google will know the new site is in the index because you can submit it through that hello, but don’t forget Reader X. So what you would do is on the old domain search console watch as the pages get d indexed. The new domain search console watch as more and more pages get indexed. Are you encountering a particular issue with this? No, it’s future reference because I’m a change. Yeah, I ran into this problem when I can transition my website from the SEO game plan to curious ants. Yeah, and I was I think Trish is changing hers that wonder if that made any difference with her. Well, so, um, I’ve never didn’t so I have still have like I read And get to your Biz Watchdog and but at my old one was my but I did not move that site. I still have it up there. Oh, um because I had so many blogs. I didn’t I had so much that site was so old had so much stuff on there. I just said I just in starting from from scratch. I still have it up there. Um, and I have it the front book a call and that will take you them to to A chat with me but you know, I probably should have done something different with it, but I didn’t know I did. Yes. You do know that’s another example based on my own side here is I had a domain called SEO explained simply. And I had a couple of articles on there the ultimate guide XML sitemaps what to do with excluded pages in Google search console bunch of stuff. Well, that was for a different project that I canceled. So what I did is I just simply moved content from that site onto curious ants set up redirects. And now those pages are the best performing pages on Curious ants Mama bring a ton of traffic and it’s not because There’s something special about it. It’s because they were getting traffic on the old website and just I did that what I just explained. I redirected allowing Page by Page redirects from the old domain in this case. It was SEO explained simply to carry sience move. Some of that content onto curious ends a lot of the content. I did not move. The rest of that just gets caught in 301 redirects cleans up cleaned up going to other pages, but that is my largest traffic to those pages. So don’t neglect those pages as potential to give us more traffic. My other question is like when you as here is based on a lot of content. Right? Right. So with Google if you went okay, let’s say it’s so it’s only so many ways. You can write a particular subject. Sure. So like with Google if it’s duplicated you get Mark for it or do Google ignores it. Okay, so they ignore it. So my thing is like I seen articles on one website that look there. It’s like they rewrote it. So is that okay? So I am of the SEO philosophy that we don’t try to trick Google. Some people believe that we should try to trick Google and take a minute. So I would never recommend just rewriting something to make it different enough for my site right? Always I recommend everybody take the time and make it have unique value. Yeah, you might have written about the same topic a bunch of other people said, but what’s why would anybody read yours as opposed to there’s and if you take that time That content is going to be very valuable the article. I just mentioned about what to deal with exclude pages in search console. A lot of people have written about it. But mine was very specific. Here’s what the things say. And so yeah a lot of people written on the subject, but apparently mine is unique not just a unique enough but has its unique value to and that was worth the time. Time so I never recommend anybody just rewrite it to be unique enough. Take your time and produce a lot of value and that will pay off for you. And in other ways. There’s always with my old boss used to say this and I’ve taken this to heart. There’s always a way we could do it cheaper and quicker, but let’s do it better. And I would rather you have one really good blog post that is unique and has something unique to offer then have 10 or 20 blog posts are pretty much like everybody else says even if it’s technically unique enough. Okay, right. and my last question as a web designer like me and Tricia like when we’re setting up websites. Yes, and as you’ve been doing SEO for years like as a web designer of what should we do to like help you out when it’s go to SEO. So should we like to start up Google analytics get their goals and everything set up and then you work from there. It’s a great question. I have a couple of talks on WordPress that TV about this exact subject. T’ about what web developers need to know about SEO and the short version is I try to ask whenever a web developer is done with the website to make sure it is ready to be more do marketing because often times. I will inherit a website that is not ready to do marketing. And what happens is that makes the web developer look like they delivered inferior product because then I say well we need a contact form when you call to action. And so it ends up happening is even though in a lot of cases the clients that I don’t need all that fancy stuff when I come on they’re finally ready to do their marketing they go and like what but you don’t and they’re like, oh, I didn’t know I needed it. Well the developer might even told them they need it and they said I don’t want to pay for it. Or I you know, or I don’t need that no one’s going to contact me. Well, if that’s the case why even bother have a web space exactly. Well, that’s good that website. But you know, so yeah make I’d say even if the client says oh, I don’t need Google Analytics. I’m not going to look at it set it up for him. Doesn’t take much time it’s free. And then when they come back to you later, you can be the hero because you’d be like, oh, yeah, I have three years of data for your website. Right? Yeah, and you know or search console the other Advantage for you in setting both those up, even if they’re not paying you to maintain their website, you can use those tools to watch their website if there’s a problem For instance in one of our part of our processes. We learn to monitor our for for errors in search in Google analytics in search console. Well, if you notice a client’s for for errors of spiked, you could potentially go in and save them a lot of trouble by tellin a hobo who knows something’s wrong. Right, or you might be the first person to identify their websites hacked. And now now as a developer, you can frankly charge them for the services to fix it. Not that we would wish that on a client or get them hat but what your WordPress websites can happen all the time. And if we’re the first person to save the day your valuable. Yeah, you you ready to go. You’ve caught it before it’s too bad. So yeah those kinds of things to basically how do I I have a writer work with she’s actually my content manager and we’re constantly having this conversation of how important it is to not deliver a commodity to our clients. In that usually means pushing back on the clients. The clients say, oh, I don’t need this or I don’t want this and we push back and we say, yes, you do. Right and it’s hard for her because she feels like she’s not being a good customer service person or she feels like she’s being pushy, but in reality, we’re the experts. That’s what they’re paying as far as our expertise. And what we want to make sure as we’re delivering the highest quality product. Yeah, you could you could do this cheaper with someone else. But I charge more because I offer more and one of those things that offer is if you’re going to make a stupid decision. I’m going to tell you it’s a stupid decision now. Hopefully you catch me on a good day. And I tell you it to a nice way, but sometimes I’ll admit I don’t but you know, so offer your clients value and if they say I don’t want to pay for a contact page or I don’t want to pay for Google Analytics. First of all, hopefully you’re not charging for on such a small basis where that is a thing. They can take off deliver them the highest quality product. And what’ll end up happening is even if they’re not really trying that product will leave extra valuable to them make them money. Now the next thing you know, they come back to you in a few years. Now, they have a real budget because you’ve delivered them a good quality product rather than the cheapest thing that they could get now and then end up not it not helping them gain more business, right? And so this is these are kind of lessons. I’ve learned the hard way. I see Ali shaking her head and as a customer, do you have anything you’d add your on needed? I I do and I don’t because I was gonna do my my web developer is in this group. So I don’t wanna it’s fine though. That’s funny. I thought you were shaking your head like yeah, I agree. But I saw I don’t put those back so does that help you? Lavanya? Yeah. I was just wondering because like if Even though I’m learning this and then it gets overwhelming for me and I have to Outsource it like what do you want already? And I also wrestler it’s important to already include SEO when you’re creating their website, right? I do and I kind of look at it and and look at what I’m going to have to do and kind of build it into it and at you know, as far as like obviously like, you know the content and everything and get it ready in the images and all of that kind of the basics. I kind of do that, you know naming imaged, alt text all that stuff. I find when when people say I want an SEO and website, I don’t know what that mean. That’s that’s actually wrong. That’s wrong. I can set up your website to be ready and SEO, you know, I think if there’s one lesson I think I hope I’ve conveyed in these talks is SEO is an ongoing activity. You can’t just SEO and walk away. I’ve yeah Lord. Let’s say well you asked me on my site and I can get you do a large Bill and but I have to tell him like listen. This is not as he owed have to engage we have to keep going I can set it up for success. I can set you up for success. I can make sure Google can read it. But Google is always changing Google loves fresh of new stuff added to sites. So I don’t want to promise that if a site is SEO, I would rather say We’ve set it up to be ready for an SEO campaign. Great questions, Alanya. Yeah, good job. Yeah only what other things we like talked about today. I’m going to put you on the spot if we don’t have okay. So what was the last step in the game plan that you completed? I have no idea no idea log off. Is there like a monster? I have another question like I’m pretty sure that’s a great stress free Direct. You know, you say go back and do so many things with your website. You make sure you far as SEO already. So my biggest issue is with my site speed like one day. I’m like kind of in the yellowish greenish part and then next day. I’m like down like why I didn’t change anything. So what could possibly do that? Is it like it has maybe on the host side? Just something I may have to what tools are you using to measure this? I’m doing GT mattress and in Google’s page. Yeah. Are you looking at the same page every time are you looking at different pages? Mostly, I know you said due to all the pages but yes, I’m looking at all pages, but I focus on my homepage right? It’s mostly with my mobile. Yes desktop pretty much stays kind of the same. But yes mobile that fluctuates. Yes. We’re actually experiencing the same issue this part of what Stephanie and I were talking about last week. Is that are Desktop square like 95 right now, but our mobile is still at like 60, right and I was like, alright. Well, how do we fix that? And essentially What She Said is What some the way that it’s set up is just it’s never going to be faster than that. So if we want to be faster than that, we she has to redevelop the entire site onto this different platform. Like I don’t know she uses words. I don’t understand because I’m tired of being or something. And it’s like everything would stay the same but it would be different. And so and that’s the only way but it would take like hours and hours and cost a fair amount of money. So we’re kind of opting out of that for now since you know, our website seems to be successful. But yeah, that’s one of the but even if you do that doesn’t that also interfere with your Google analytics as the old part of it because she’s changing the platform no shit. Okay. So so what we know about Out a couple things on this conversation number one as of today and it’s May 14th as of last month, what’d you make for so the only the mobile site counts you can think of it that way. So that’s why we should be really focused on a number to the page speed things going to happen in May. And you only get a benefit if you’re green. What does that mean? That means it won’t necessarily be a penalty. If you’re not green. It just is that you might get some benefit. Now. What is some benefit mean? Who knows? Who knows is it with there are hundreds of ranking factors in page speed. So I would say user experience will be one of them. Which one will be the most important don’t know probably not going to be the most important probably not going to be the least important. But if if there is a way we can do it cost effectively great. If not, okay, let’s try to focus on other things. So let’s not make pagespeed. The only thing Now two new announcements this week number one. Most clients in most of my clients and most of my sights the biggest problem. We have remember there’s three webcore vitals. There’s first input delay largest contentful paint and then content layout shift content layout shaft is where most of my clients are having a real trouble. And saintly out shift not constantly at low now. I’m having our charter member and CLS. Content layout of yeah, maybe that’s it. Anyway. Yeah, so the content layout shift. Yes, that sounds right is Google last week change the way they calculate it because everybody’s having a hard time with them. Oh, okay. So they hope this made it easier to thank heavens. Okay, so my can run the speed again and it might be a little better, right? Okay, that’s good. What I’m trying to encourage you all with is we should keep you should pay attention to this, but it shouldn’t be all we pay attention to hmm, right? It is important. But there’s a lot of things are important. Yeah, and and so we can’t do everything. So let’s not only focus on one. This is a classic SEO mistake people make focusing on one thing putting all your effort into one thing. And it ending up being not that big of a deal after Google releases it but okay. Okay. So are you saying that pagespeed is a part of I know you don’t like saying ranking but a part of ranking in Google. Yes, it will be in May. Yeah. Yeah. So so that’s it. Now. I won’t the second announcement that’s important to note since we all have WordPress websites word. Press release to plug in. That’s specifically designed at addressing the three. webcore vitals Last week it’s called. Yeah. I it’s in one of the emails you got from Curious answer recently. I don’t know it off him. Okay. Look, I’m glad everybody’s reading those emails. But remember like, you know, I will find it. Actually, I’ll find it while we’re here. We need to so we need to install that is what you’re saying. I’m saying I haven’t installed it yet, but it’s worth looking at okay because remember maze algorithm. Is not just about speed mmm. It’s about the webcore vitals. We oversimplify it and we say speed because it’s a little easier to comprehend but it’s not just that here it is. It’s called jetpack jetpack boost. Is it a part of jet pack or can you get it is well, it is a WordPress plugin and WordPress plugin. Sometimes your jetpack right you have they have the jetpack plug-in, but you don’t have to install the rest and I don’t know I haven’t installed. That’s right. It is totally worth looking at. If it fixes the three webcore bottles boy, what an easy solution. Yeah, it is designed for That explicit purpose. Will it break your design? I don’t know, right? Yeah, you know, but if this is WordPress is attempt to help WordPress websites hit the webcore vitals, you know, some of the things we can do will also affect this He’s putting yourself on a good web host. Right? Yeah, that’s content. Layout shift is the toughest one Google is changing the way they’re measuring that success and this jetpack boost plug-in might help to worth trying out if tried out tell me because I haven’t tried it out yet. also on the 20th next Tuesday, there’s a meet up online that I’m going to and it’s going to be about GT metrics and pagespeed. So I’ll send you a link to that Lavon. Yeah, I saw that. Yeah. Okay, you did. Yeah. Yeah, so I’m going to go and because I mean you said a meet-up. Yeah, just online meet up. Yeah. I’m interested in because the guy who’s doing it. I think he knows he’s with combustion, which I really like which is what my sights on. Yeah. I really like them. I have a client yet struggling with this right now and it became a huge project. Everybody started getting involved the entire company now, there’s 20 decision-makers. So then I think I’m not mess and it became this complete Rebrand projects long as we’re doing this. In like hold on like like what we ended up doing I said like let’s just move to a better host. Yeah that is that for help significantly. Yeah, they were on a poor host. Hmm and now they move to a better host gonna solve all the problems, but it hot it least solved some of the other problems. Yeah, so great and that’s good enough for now as far as I’m concerned because I’m not about to redesign. On their side because yeah, that’s that’s definitely hosting is a first thing lavanya check and see what host there on. Yeah. Yeah. I’m all one of those is very popular with WordPress. We are here. Yeah, my not only one endlessly entertained by the names of all these plugins and stuff like jet pack. I feel like there’s just like a room of guy. It’s like in there like mid twenties who are like I know what kind of the cold jet pack because it’s a monster insides. Yeah clouds layer and all that. It doesn’t was helping improve its own. Yeah. I use Cloud Player on mine too. For sure. It’s not a host but cloud cloud flare is the DNS. So yeah, I know but they offer that with it so they help with speed. I said that up. Yeah. Yeah, I did until your sights on a really good host. Yeah, I forget what the Occupy Wall. Hold on. Let me see. it’s a WP engine Yeah, it’s the theme that needs to be redeveloped as we’re on I’ve rushed Steffi on that right because and and she’s not lying. If you want to improve it. Now, it’s first place. We’re going to have to rebuild but the question you’re making the right decision is far as consideration, right? How much value are you going to get out of a complete rebuild? Yeah, and I know right right now the estimated cost is pretty And we feel like we’re not having any trouble bringing customers on right now. So we’re really not. I mean, it’s something that if it affects us once Google starts adding that to how we appear then fine and we’ll worry about it that but I mean we’re averaging like 15 to 30% increase month over month of Ah, that’s good. Well, yeah visitor so we I mean March was a five-week month obviously, but we had almost 1,200 visitors. Yeah, you know and even within the four-week period we were I think at like 900 something which was more than the previous so it’s like we don’t really need to invest a big chunk of change in that right now. So a website typically last about five years. Yeah, really Mmm Yeah for a redesign. I didn’t think that like a throwaway culture extended to websites five years and look at your website. Yeah, and you’ll tell me you hear it today. Yeah. Yeah, it’s things like me vote things, you know, you keep adding things its design Styles. Sometimes I have like an existential crisis about our society and how like nothing is made to last anymore and everything needs to be new and And now it’s the same with that stuff. Yep. Sorry. Oh gosh, what are we doing? You likes life? What are we doing? I get it. It’s a large investment. And yeah, we just need to plan I yeah, they’re expensive to every five years glad that’s not my decision. There you go. And you know part of my discussion is, you know site speed and it’s look at mines like okay. Yeah. Yeah, no I am with you because I before I Makino I just launched my new website will before I did that I really for mine had a landing page, but I had my old WordPress site, but I wouldn’t send him to that because it was sold and it was an old branding and it’s like I’m like, yeah, it’s have a good website WordPress site and I’m like they look at mine. I’m like, yeah not like a lot like mine, but now I can say all my new web sockets. Yeah, so I know it. Yeah. and just so you know, I’m drinking the Kool-Aid to I am redesigning curious ants and it is I’m I’m putting my money where my mouth is on it that way. Yeah, so it might be done by the end of the month, but lavanya knows Luke. Yeah Luke did it? Okay and gosh, it’s it’s slick we ran through it last night. It is fast as ever thought. Wow. I might need to talk to him about cancer Luke it. Well, then look was more nerding out about hey and look at the mobile menu notice how it does this I had to teach myself how to do that. We build all kinds of stuff that so I am putting my money where my mouth is. Glass yeah, I know that that can be hard to do sometimes to focus on your business to not just clients. Yeah, that’s kind of what I tell myself the Cobblers kids getting issues. I put my time into my clients and I do but I need to have a good site to yeah. Yeah. Yeah because it might be one of those client you when I was playing so like will yours so why are you telling me I need to pay for yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What other things can we talk about today? I don’t have anything constructive. Like I have plenty of other things we could talk about but none of it you only have destructive stuff to talk about today are mostly well. I don’t know. I mean, I wouldn’t call destructive but maybe just like this time. Yes distracting like not related to this at all. You know, well, I’m going to encourage all of you to figure out where you are in the process by next week and figure out what the next step is for you. So for instance, I’m behind you looked at. When was the last time you looked at your weekly Google analytics report? I look at another weakness me real – yeah, that’s I look at that every week because that’s how I check my site visit my new visitors. My social referrals my landing pages and our goal completion of contact us. That is the first time you’ve asked a question where I have the right I’m proud of you. I reminds me I got one that is expiring. I thought those last forever know what expire If you don’t report, yeah, I forget I forget how long they initially work. But once it gets past I think it’s like six months then you have to renew it for the next year. If you don’t renew it it just that Google analytics. Stop sending it to you. I do have a constructive question. Oh, wow. Alright, so by Google analytics report so I’ve been getting it email. And there’s been like there’s like a glitch where so my troubleshooting dashboard comes. Let me share my screen quickly. I’m going to let you do that. Hold on daybed David stop doing that. Alright now you can share okay share screen. And look at what happens. This is all that comes up. Yeah, that’s a glitch in Google analytics. I’ve been seeing that too. But then I end up having to go into analytics select it and then I’m like export it. Go back to screen for sick. See you have to click on where it says. Oh go to report is what you have to do. Yep. Mmmm. It’ll take you straight to that report in Google Analytics. So you can’t okay. So this is a issue in Google analytics. I noticed a lot of my reports are coming this way for like over a month. This is been happening. Yes. I try to tweet Google analytics about it. Ted Knight margin, of course, they ignore me. Who am I? So then this week a couple of them got fixed? Ah, so I suspect that as they move to GA for they’re letting GA Universal analytics slip a little but that little trick the Trisha mentioned about clicking. We’ll just take a straight in there as long as you’re logged in so It take the emails reminder to look at it and then go. Oh, yeah, you know because I also like just my team we have weekly meetings on Monday and part of what we review is this so that we can just go over our numbers and see where we’re at and just identify like if there’s any big dips or growths Yeah, but look even I know it like bounce rate means like nothing but at least it’s been like kind of on the lower side. Like part of me just wants to take this out completely because I’m Linka doesn’t mean anything it does nothing dick it up, but couldn’t do it deleted deleted. Well, yeah, like so many like this is really super useful for us, like look at that. Wow. I know getting searched and like let me tell you the SEO game plan is great, but I do not dedicate a lot of time. So I feel like that speaks to the effectiveness of it because like it’s not ranked high on my like list of important things I need to do during the day. You know, I’m so it’s great that it retains its efficacy like even when I don’t update it as much as I should. Good, so that’s what’s great about SEO and marketing channel. When you do work accumulates on the previous work. You’ve done. Yeah soap like some marketing. It’s only as good as the last thing you did your Facebook wants your Facebook post gets buried in the feed good is it I’m not believing just like if I took nothing else from this whole experience just the fact that we should focus our blog topics on Things that we already know there’s interest in is such a huge thing for us. It really is and just like doing more content that people enjoy like we I make our own memes now to be posted on our website like it’s actually really funny because like it’s so much fun to do that. But like we literally have an entire document here that you can say, that is all Just mediums that are just like to be share like that. It’s and sometimes I’d like making them and I’m like this is part of my job like to do that and but it’s like it’s funny because people like it because it’s funny and it’s like it gets people it gets Brant even if they don’t come to the site, there’s brand awareness sharing poles like talking about Word of Mouth like those kind of thing. So, Even though I’m a terrible student. It’s a good plan. Thank you. That’s the alley Tango endorsement design is not to have to be a full-time person to get the benefits from it. Yeah, right. I don’t work full time for any of my clients. Yeah, right, but I use the same processes for them and it works your I mean, it really does it really does. Well good. I’m glad it worked. X it’s a good to hear it. So next week we’ll talk about where we are in the game plan and see what the next step is. So the second the second question is, when’s the last time you looked at Google search console? Oh, you’re not too long ago like two weeks ago. Maybe hmm because hopefully just check it every week. It just becomes. Yep. Everything looks good here because then you know once you catch up To all the crawl errors and stuff like that then it’s just a matter of yep. No more crawl errors moving on. Yeah, I mean for us that least we are very lucky in that I guess stuff. He did a really good job, and we’re very few hours on our site. So really I tend to utilize search console as a tool to see how people are finding us and then select taking those and that’s where like we talked about a few weeks ago pivoting away from the one top. Because we were consistently coming in as a top search result for it and saying like Okay. Well, we can’t get any more out of this. So let’s find something maybe a little bit lower down and help bring that up and then just like keep doing that and and finding search topics that are bringing in some traffic and then kind of capitalizing that and doing more blog posts and things to bring more of that traffic and hopefully then convert more people, you know to customers Yes, exactly. So then what’s the third step? Of one of our game plan. I don’t know. Well, then we should find out and talk about where we are. And I promised you that I’m doing the game plan for my own both of my main websites to write. I’m forcing myself drink the Kool-Aid that way as well and I always look at my Google analytics dashboards now is look at search console. That’s the only thing I do for my own side to every week great. I also like you can’t be deleting everything even if you mess up in Google analytics, so Instead of deleting. We got to find a workaround because when you delete Google just says it’s permanent. Like you don’t want it anymore seems like when you what are you delete we’re talking about deleting old. Like if you delete remember the report I was asking about I think I had like three reports. Oh, yeah, and it was something else you got to be careful what you do in Google analytics, basically. Because you couldn’t miss yourself up for the long run. Well, you know the reports I think the you can always go back to reports and recreate them. Okay, but like if you’re changing filters and Views and stuff like that, that’s where you can get into. That’s why one of the processes is every six months. Go back to Google analytics. Make sure it’s all set up, right. And if it’s not make the changes on the assessment of backup site the test first before you make any changes, yeah. The other reason they have the weekly Google analytics report is coming to you is to quickly identify without having to wait six months that it’s set up wrong right and you can you get one week in your like your traffic’s to 0 uh-oh. Something happened and now you can take time to figure it out. right what you say Trisha? I have a question. Are you all out? I’m sorry. I was looking at something else. So I remembered so when a website that I did recently when I took it live then I had because originally it was the it was no index and then so let me see hold on the the staging site or whatever you call it was no indexed but the live site that someone else did they like didn’t It’s set to index. Okay, so when I had to get live I went and said, you know Index this new site as it was on WordPress, so then but when I went into Google search console, it was still picking up no index. So I see I said to fix the errors and said validation started on April 4. Okay, and it had it originally had affected 15 pages. So now like 10 days later. It’s saying it’s got five. Of pages instead of 15 affected. So is it just take that time to Portugal to do there’s nothing else. I can really do. It’s the same thing same solution that lavanya had right if there’s ways to expedite this if there’s way to build a link to that site that will help right. If you add a new blog post to that that can help like those kind of things can help Google come. That site more frequently if it’s a small site and Google does not crawl it every day. Yeah, right if it’s a new site Google doesn’t grow it every day. If it’s a new site, then it fuck. You didn’t want it to be indexed. It really doesn’t crawl hit every day. And so it might have it in some sort of list somewhere saying up. These are the no index sites and check it very rarely. But don’t underestimate the value of a good quality link to the site to help Google say, oh I should pay attention to that sites. When you say link to this site link. So like it’s picking up this site there certain pages, it’s not so is it do I need to have a link to that page for to the site times? I would start because the safest link is always going to be a branded link to the homepage and I’m get a new one. That’s linking to the homepage. It’s quality follow a bubble. No, redirect. No funny business link to the home page that gives Google a reason in there and then it can crawl the site and see. Oh, these are no not no index anymore, but if still persists then you might try to build a link to an interior page. However, that’s a lot harder to do. Yeah without being spammy. Yeah, right because we don’t want to try to trick you. Google in our link building we just want to build quality links. Okay, I think a lot of it that whoever built the original side. I guess. They said the whole entire thing and no index and then yeah happens all the time. So you kind of totally like I think I feel like I’ve told you the story but my church thinks I’m the best SEO ever because no one ever found their website until I went in turn that feature off on their website. And now that David you’re amazing and I’m like But the switch Yeah, so they’re like, wow, they’re teller way how awesome I like I flip the switch. Look, I appreciate your support y’all but I flipped a switch and then they switch to Squarespace. So, okay. Well, whatever didn’t ask me first point is go Trisha. I don’t mean to rub salt in your wounds go to the Branded link building process in the okay hands. And follow that for this website because what that does is it’s asking who’s talking about our site but not linking to us and in figuring out if there’s a way that they could link to us. What wait, what was that called? You hadn’t gotten there yet. Have you don’t you wish you would have followed the process to you’d be happy you’d be at the link building process. They said done the whole process not thoroughly translate. I’ve not done the whole process. I think she got focused on making the blog’s that not doing the bleep, you know, because we do have link building but most of our link building is associated with our blog. Yeah. So like I said, like I’ve done it just not thoroughly. Like we just kind of great article published in autism spectrum news, which is huge. Location where they linked to us great, see that’s that’s great. And yeah, but the Branded link building is the easy links, right? It’s the someone is talking about you, but but they’re not linking and so all you got to do is reach out to them and say hey notice that you’re mentioning us. Would you mind Lincoln to us? We’d appreciate it. But I think your users would like it. You know, that’s the easy links to get. How do you wait? So how do you find that will you follow the process and it tells you He said we had to go to be serious. And is The Branding SEC randomly built all branded link building Grant be a brand-new link building process already pants it and then and then when you’re done with that, you do the competitor link building, which is the same thing, but you’re doing if your competitors you say. Hey if they can get a link I can get a link like that bless you. Thank you Patricia. I think that brand Link building process could be exactly what this website me. Yeah, okay and what you know and then you could try competitors to to find out where are they getting their links? In other words the competitively building process is who’s talking about your competitors and could you get a link from that website too? Yeah, right. The goal of curious hands is to do this without having to pay for extra tools. So like this is a very simple process. Yeah, you could pay for a eh rafts or Majestic and you could get a lot better link backlink research, but I’m trying to show you how to do it without having to pay for those expensive tools and just use the Google searches to say. Hey who’s talking about me in can I get them to link? And the idea here is don’t just don’t just proach these people as hey. Can I get a link use it as an opportunity to build a relationship with them? Yes, and think about the Partnerships that you could have and think about how not only could you get a link but build a relationship and maybe get in their blog and work together on research projects and things like that that will produce good content for both of you and help both of you out. And if you approach link building as relationship building is going to be a lot more successful than it give me a link. Hey, give me all of you. Give me a link, you know. I get all these emails all day long. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Yeah, but if you build it like a relationship but branded link building could be a real big help because it’s an easy simple link, you know, Trisha, you’re really good at citations. Some of those links count for SEO to yeah. That’s this was the first thing I need to do want to go. Look at this one of the things I talked about in my talk this morning and he said yeah. Local link building. Hmm. But it citations. You can look at that process to and critique it. And tell me what I’m missing. And improve it for everybody but that might have some other ideas for you. Oh that reminds me. We gotta go but last week we talked about you said structured data for local listings. Yeah, I realized where it is. Yes, it’s in the SEO game plan. It’s already there under the local link building process. If you download that spreadsheet that has the light the citations in the process Tab 2 will automatically populate with valid schema for you. We look at this lot of good information. So when you’re saying is all of our questions, we need to go back. That’s why I’m pushing you back into the gameplay. What are you trying to ask Ali I’m trying to ask if I because obviously I immediately did this as soon as you shamed me into it. Did I do this right the search thing, right? So this is all basically things were were mentioned where it’s not our website. Right? Exactly. That is exactly right so you can take the brackets off. Because the brackets don’t really do anything but what this is saying to Google this is what they call an advanced search operator. We want to look for the words Gran Behavior Services, but – means no not from the site Graham Behavior Services not calm. And so this is all the people talking about you and Archer say so your Facebook page. Okay. Great LinkedIn. Okay, great. I’ll tell him speaks. That’s what you just talked about. Right? Yeah, I’m a three-story. Yeah, so so the others now you of this is not just link building but it’s what if a customer’s researching your site, who are they finding in other words now if someone’s trying to decide where they want to work with you? What are the other sites who are talking about you and making sure they portray you in the best possible light. Yes now could you also in theory use this to see like so if I’m going to search for like a ba services in New Jersey to see what’s coming up besides us like so if you were to go through the game plan, you would find something called topical link building. It might suggest something like this. But but this is not this is not necessarily reliable way to see who else is ranking for this phrase because again, these Google searches are personalized based on your search history. So it’s really really hard to say objectively where your competitors are but it is a good way to look at who is for instance who is talking about ABA services and could you build Nation ship with those people such as content research, you know another great way to get blinks is reviews. Like can you review some someone and get a link to your site because you’ve reviewed them on their side. That’s a totally different kind of ball game. I just do the opened up but I gotta go. Yeah, thank you. This is great. Yeah, I got to go back and re-watch. It. Can’t wait to hear where you are in the game plan next week. It’s gonna bring exactly where I am right now. All right, bye-bye.

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