Best Practices for Managing Several Google Analytics Accounts

In this week’s Office Hours we talked about how to manage multiple Google Analytics accounts. It can be tricky if you don’t do it correctly.

The first thing anyone should do before they start marketing their business is setup a web analytics package. You will use this to know whether or not any marketing you’re doing is working. That’s why I recommend everyone setup Google Analytics on their website (it’s free).

Things get tricky, however, when you’re managing multiple Google Analytics accounts. Why would anyone have different accounts? Perhaps they are a web developer or designer. Perhaps they work in-house and have several different websites to manage. There are many different reasons why someone would have several Google Analytics accounts and if you do, make sure you’re managing them correctly. We discuss what this means and how to do it properly in this week’s Office Hours.

Along with this, be sure you’re not giving anyone the password to your Google account. Instead, grant people access to your Google Analytics account.

Unfortunately I completely misunderstood the Colony member’s initial question (about managing accounts) and went-off on a tangent about using Trello to manage tasks for clients (which I talked about in a blog post). I think it’s still helpful- just not what they initially asked.

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