Are my Google Analytics goal numbers inflated?

Sometimes your Google Analytics goal numbers might seem off. What causes this? Can it be prevented?

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So yesterday, I was that the online local you that is on the local. and google analytics, know it’s like I think I know a lot about the analytics. And then I hear somebody of these you my Anyway, I and I know I know a lot more than I did either go. So One the things. So I a lot of times I’ll set up as well, like if it’s contact us and once they get to the thank you page, that’s like a goal a nice set up. Thank you, pages as a separate U url. Right. One of the things that they were saying that I don’t know if you ever experienced this or checked on this, but, you know, how people keep tabs open. That. they said that sometimes people if you do that, they may keep a tab open to you And I haven’t had that come up because I noticed that however, many of says it goes through, I usually have that many people that is scheduled appointment. Bye. So I guess, Anyway, your thoughts on that david what. Yeah. I I have one client in particular and I swear your version people have done that. because I get ton leads. if one percent and people do it, What is it for off the numbers? Yeah. What I have to do is go into Google analytics and say, Alright. goals that executed from and forget it’s like no M. there’s a there’s a filter I created to to read it out. because it’s like, You if you set, hold on. Let me see if I can. Okay. Well, and I don’t know that I address early need to know. So it it comes up. I just lose wondering if how common it was. So I I keep eye on it because one of the things I’m always checking every month is at least twentieth got. Right? I wanna make sure that’s doing it. It’s sometimes I’ll be like, wow. Look at how leaves us got this month. And so look and see what what large book was great well, then you’re like oh crap that someone has a tab open somewhere. Alright. I I work with a a guy He had so many tabs up, and he couldn’t close them because the all the were If you could couldn’t use mouse to click the x. Besides the fact that it would taken him hours to sit submit quickly which which what’s tabs. Now one point Because one things he would do every month is test confirmation ages, my god a alone or generating leads for clients. Oh my gosh. And so we actually went into his computer with asked for lunch. We set the setting on his browser to delete all the tabs on reopen. So he got back and was mad I just say I mean he was bad. But but the that is she never couldn’t even get to these old tabs. I was gonna think if you you couldn’t let get to. is Mad, because I lost so this stuff like the two quickly get. So when he just using one tab and then he would get to something open and it and do and you’d like this He just whatever was whatever neurons crossed and his head he couldn’t do it. So. we actually kept going into his computer when he was out and we kept changing the settings delete this browser remembering all the tabs every time they open close But basically, you were getting a text He’s gone to lunch do it now. Right. We the so bad about it. Yeah. If that is one of the examples. Right? Okay. and and so some people will say, oh, because of that, you shouldn’t use confirmation well, I’d say, Hello. either way, like, if we do events, those can have yeah. Yeah. It’s a. Yeah. this is why in the all in the Universal analytics, data you I think in the class, you know explicitly said, We’re giving you goals submissions forms and stuff like that. don’t treat these as real numbers. treat these as trends and I do. opportunities. So even google to analytics acknowledge that This is not just because yes five doesn’t mean you got five Yeah. If you got more maybe get left, use it to compare a against itself and you’re gonna end up being able to Yep. Because you you set up the events Alright. It. there’s all kinds of things that you go wrong minute it could be a javascript code error that’s not throwing the event. Right? There could be a plug in on your browser It’s conflicting with the javascript that was not through the event. If you can’t really guaranteed either way Just do it because I think it’s a better user experience. of reassuring me that I have done something, But I acknowledge when I report to my clients, When I say that you got fifty leads last month, I don’t really know if you got fifty. Know you got around fifty You probably got forty five to fifty five Mh. but that that’s. is that good or bad will compare it to last month? We’re compared to the same month last year Now we know whether that’s good or bad. not it. Oh, you know, because if you if you you can try yourself crazy, going through, clients do it. Well, they go through the credit account for every lead. submitted if I ever go of google house. Line things up. hey I I that’s great that. That means on the data you need. But. Yeah. But how much first timeline. Yeah. Well, you know, that’s okay. If if. If you’re talking to, to you need this three. Okay People. That’s disappointing, please Would even tell you. this is not necessarily a guarantee of the number of physicians of your form. Yeah. we besides most, like, wordpress sites, that yeah forms to forms. Will, we’ll record all of the forms anyway. Right? It just doesn’t attribute source to it, which is what could going analytics so it. Yeah. That’s true. But. things go wrong either way. So so what. Yeah. Okay. But that’s hell hilarious.

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