Are Image File Names a Factor in Searchability?

We all want to rank in the top 10, so we optimize everything, including our images.

Automated Transcript:

Next question comes from Tim.

 He’s been thinking a lot about images lately. He says he asks do image file names, add search ability factor in a search ability factor.

 I tried to label my photos similar to the alt tag so that is descriptive of the actual photo or image wondering if it’s worth my time, when optimizing images for the web,

 I’d say it probably helps, maybe a little

But it what what I would not want to do is go back and re named all my images.

And I would, you know, again if it matters, it matters, very very, very little.

So it’s probably not worth a ton of your time, but if you can do it easy and it’s descriptive and no problem, it’s probably better than having image 0.

 5, 6 7 dot jpg, right.

But it’s only going to help when it comes to the image.

Not the pain necessarily the page in which the image is embedded.

 So if someone’s doing a file search, I mean image search on Google.

It might help them get my, and then, in that case, the immature to it really wouldn’t matter.

 But if you didn’t have alt text, it might I’d suggest.

 It’s probably a very, very small factor.

So I wouldn’t, you know, we’re getting into these really granular things that

Yeah, maybe it helps, but there’s probably a lot big lot.

 Bigger fish to fry, right?

 It’s probably a lot better to have.

Students. And I’m guilty of this is probably better to have a unique and new image that no one else uses than to have a renamed stock photo with your keywords in it.


I typically named mine.

Just so what I’m looking in my own file folder.

What they were?

I know I can see a little bit better what it was. Yeah, yeah that’s a that’s a legitimate reason but I wouldn’t I’ve seen people tried it, you know, obsess on it.


And if your page is so competitive with other websites, that the image name file name, is your ranking factor to to outrank someone because you have named your file in image with with your keyword and they didn’t like that means your SEO is perfect because there’s a million other things that are probably more important than that.

 Noted so for organization. Great?


Yeah, that’s there.


All right, we’re cruising this great.

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