We’ve been sitting on this question for a couple of weeks: where should you add testimonials on your site and how should you add them?

In this week’s Office Hours, we talked continued a conversation from previous weeks about establishing EAT (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) on your website. One way to do that is adding testimonials to your site. What pages should receive these testimonials?

Along with this comes another question: can these testimonials earn review star ratings in the search results? You know: where you search for something in Google and see some star ratings beneath the page in the SERPs.

Can you get these review stars on your search result listings? If so, what does it take?

In short, you need to encode your page with an Aggregate Ratings review schema markup. Here’s a couple of the pages we talked about in this week’s meeting:

But don’t forget: even if you never earn the star ratings in the SERPs, displaying positive testimonials can help build your website’s credibility and increase your conversion rates– which is well worth the effort.

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