Black Friday/Cyber Monday Discount 2022

It’s the end of the year! I know you’ve always wanted to get started on your SEO campaign- but never seem to pull the trigger. Well, I’ve got an incentive for you! We will be holding a special discount from Black Friday until Cyber Monday.

What is Curious Ants?

SEO can be hard: not only do you have to keep up with all Google’s changes but you have to weed-through all the contradictory advice. This can be frustrating and overwhelming. Curious Ants teaches you SEO while bringing your company more customers- because you’ll learn SEO while doing it.

Is Curious Ants for you?

Whether you are running your own business, and need a DIY SEO campaign, on a marketing team but need some SEO coaching, or want to create a steady stream of recurring revenue for your web design business through SEO, Curious Ants can help.

Not sure Curious Ants can help your SEO?

  • Review the game plan (you can view the plan if you have a free account). Do you think this will help you promote your business through SEO?
  • Take some time and watch a couple of our Office Hours on YouTube (feel free to subscribe for weekly updates). Wouldn’t it be great to ask your SEO questions, too?
  • Talk with your boss about paying for it (of course, don’t forget the discount). Or, if you’d be using this for your business, decide what it will take for this to pay for itself.

Why Take Advantage of this Deal?

  • It’s a pretty good discount! Pay for one month of The Colony and an extra month for free.
  • You get access to the best part of Curious Ants: Office Hours. This is where you can ask your SEO questions and learn from other Curious Ants who are asking the question you always wanted to ask, as well!
  • It’s only for a limited time. Once Cyber Monday is over, this deal is gone!

Enter this code at checkout to take advantage of this deal: BLACKFRIDAY22

This code is good from November 23 to 30, 2022.

Start Learning SEO today!

If you’re not ready to commit today, you can always start with a free trial.